Chris Brown Explains Why He’s Ready to Impregnate Karrueche, Talks Rihanna & Drake

Photo Credit: Power 105.1
Photo Credit: Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran’s relationship has always been a very on and off one, but weeks ago Chris joked on Twitter that he feels he might as well “put a baby in” Karrueche.

The R&B singer actually talked more about having a baby with Karrueche the other day backstage at Powerhouse NYC, and when asked about having a baby soon, Chris says:

“If it happens, it happens. I’m not trying NOT to make one.”

When Angela Yee asked Chris if he’s ready to be a dad, Chris answers:

“I need something to calm me down and give me focus.”

Check out the video below:

In related news, Chris also stopped by Hot 97 this morning too. And he wasted no time in opening up about Rihanna, Drake, and Karreuche.

On Rihanna dating Drake after they broke up, he says:

“For me, I’m content on who I am, so whoever decides to move on and do they thing, that’s cool.”

He then admits he was angry Drake and Rihanna dated:

“I was tight. But you have to understand I was in the thug Chris Brown era where I was finna…I’m finna (hints he wanted to confront Drake and possibly fight him at the time).

“At that time, I was all about running up on dudes when I see you.”

When asked if he thinks Rihanna dated Drake to upset him:

“She gon be mad if I say it. But in a way I do.”

He then admitted he was hurt “a little bit” when Rihanna was dating Drake.

On the Drake fight, he says:

“That was a stick your chest out contest. That’s all that was.”

Chris also confirmed that Drake’s camp initiated their truce:

“Honestly, his camp hit up my management. They was like. ‘Cool. We got this opportunity at the ESPYs. We want to do a spoof.”

On Karrueche, he says:

“She dope. I feel like when you…especially being in this industry, I feel like you need somebody that understands you. That understands who you are personally, instead of your name. And you don’t have to be a big artist. You don’t have to be buying them bags, ‘Like let me stunt on you right quick.’ Like I don’t have to do all that. Although I do it because I love her. But that doesn’t come with the territory.

“At the end of the day, me and her have a real connection. We’re best friends on top of our intimacy.”

When asked if he thinks he’ll ever marry Karrueche, he says:

“Yeah man. But I’m scared of marriage. Cause I’m young right now.

“I’m 25. I ain’t rushing.”

On drug usage, Chris says:

“I was turning up. I was on the syrup, the Xanax…turning up.

“I was falling asleep on video sets. I was cussing people out randomly.

“I would wake up and ask my homies, ‘So what time we have to shoot this video?’ And they be like, ‘Dude we shot it yesterday.’ Once I started to see it was affecting my work…”

Check out the videos below:


  1. I don’t think anyone should have a baby to gain “focus” or to calm down. You get those things from maturity. And he needs to become mature before he has babies.

  2. He’s so delusional. Rihanna dated Drake because she wanted to. He really thinks she does everything hoping to get a reaction out of him when she couldn’t give a damn. He needs to move on and focus on that doormat he calls a girlfriend.

  3. I enjoyed his interview with Ebro. Chris was very open and honest and I love when he relaxes and gives good interviews. You can tell he’s in a much happier place than he was a few years ago.

  4. Sigh where do I begin it’s so much wrong in this interview. Well let me just speak on what I have a problem with the most having a baby will solve nothing or make you “calm down”. If your life is unstable find a better way to fix it other than bringing a human into the world to complicate things further. A baby has never and will never solve anyone’s personal problems. It isn’t a child’s job to be born to calm you down. Chris gives me a headache smh.

    1. Thank you! Kids aren’t a form of Valium, to calm your behind down. He may be in a good place right now, but he’s not there yet. And if Kae is actually riding on this with him o this, she’s a bigger idiot than I thought.

  5. I’m glad he’s off the drugs but he’s still very young minded and naive. I have a feeling Karrueche will get pregnant next year. And with them breaking up every hour, it’s going to end up being one big mess.

  6. So those years where we were all saying he was looking crackish, he really was doing hardcore drugs. I’m glad he’s past that now.

  7. I like how honest he was. He’s got a glow to him and he seems to be very happy these days. He gets on my nerves but good for him. He’s in a good place.

  8. I’m still rooting for Chris but a baby is the last thing he needs in his life right now. He has more growing up to do.

  9. Chris will always have feelings for Rihanna no matter what he says.. The only person that is keeping him away from Rihanna is Rihanna.

    1. Ding,ding,ding,ding give this girl a prize you hit the nail on the head! It bothers me that Rihanna is always a part of his interviews and she hasn’t spoken about him in forever!

    2. Ding,ding,ding,ding give this girl a prize you hit the nail on the head! It bothers me that Rihanna is always a part of his interviews and she hasn’t spoken about him in forever!

  10. Soooo….you not in a rush to MARRY her but u can put a baby in her!?!? OH. **MAJOR SIDE-EYE**. He’s come a long way and kudos for his progress but it’s evident that he still has a long way to go.

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