Tiny Responds to Eye Surgery Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

People are still talking about Tiny Harris’ extreme eye surgery, and some are baffled as to why she felt compelled to have her eye color changed from dark brown to ice gray.

While many have been expressing outrage on social media, even Wendy Williams had some words for Tiny on her talk show and she claimed she just felt Tiny took things way too far.

But Tiny is now responding to her critics, and she says she has every right to do what she wants to her body.

During her recent interview on “Good Morning America,” she says:

“I just wanted to do something different. And it’s my right to do that. It’s my body.”

The procedure is currently banned in the United States due to the serious health risks.

Check out the video below:


    1. And that is my issue with all of this. I don’t care how she looks, but she’s a mom and she has to be more concerned about her health because she has kids depending on her to be there. This surgery is very risky and she could end up blind and much worse. I just don’t think it was worth it.

  1. Yeah, it’s her body. But people are going to call it like they see it. If her eyes end up ruined because of this, she has herself to blame.

  2. I don’t think anyone said her body isn’t hers and that she can’t do what she wants to it. People are just skeptical about the longterm effects of a surgical procedure that has been banned from the US because it has dangerous side effects. But whatever.

  3. Anybody who has taken one psychology class in their life knows it’s more to her decision than just wanting to do something different. Trying something different is changing a hairstyle maybe wearing a different outfit you wouldn’t normally wear. To change your eye color permanently it’s something deeper.

  4. Tiny has been hearing her whole life that she is not attractive and her husband is always clowned for being with her when he looks the way he does. Why are people surprised she did this to herself?

    1. So true! I just wanted to cringe when watching her respond in the video.She is lost and needs psychological help.

  5. She looked better with her brown eyes. But I understand that hearing people calling you ugly all day everyday will begin to affect how you feel about yourself. I hope she finds peace with her looks one day.

  6. I actually agree with her. Yes it is weird but it’s her body. She can do what she wants and people will deal.

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