Chris Brown Drags Tamar Braxton & Adrienne Bailon

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Earlier today, the ladies of “The Real” actually had a segment in having girlfriends in an unhealthy relationships, and it didn’t take long for Chris Brown and his on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran to be come the topic of the discussion.

Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon both agreed Karrueche should move on from Chris, and as a result, he dragged both moments ago on his Instagram account:

chris brown instagram

chris brown instagram 2

Check out the video that led to the dragging below:


  1. I don’t like the language he used but I completely agree that he had every right so speak up for Kae and their relationship. People think they know every detail of their relationship and we really don’t. Let them be.

    1. He has no right to talk to women the way he does. Tamar is someone’s wife and mother! His mother didn’t raise a man!

  2. Is Chris really trying to shade Tamar’s career when her album is gold and his won’t even sell 500,000 copies of that flop he just released?

    1. He will go gold. And Tamar may be doing well for herself, but Chris is too. He’s about to tour, his album is doing well and he’s not hurting for money.

      1. This is 2014. In 2014 Chris can’t go platinum, nor can he go gold. How many TV shows does he have? He’s going on tour with Trey Songz when he was on track to be the next MJ? LOL. Sorry, his career ain’t what it used to be. And that’s the real reason he walks around with a chip on his shoulder everyday.

    2. Well, the ladies are somewhat like The View to some degree, but more homegrown if you know what I mean!! I know Adrienne has tendencies to slam many people, including her former so-called friendship with the Kardashian family recently in reflection of her past relationship with Rob. From words exchanged on Kim, Khloe and Rob’s behalf behind her slander, it was heated due to the hurt of which they “thought” she was a true friend. Throwing shade and not expecting it in return is truly the pot calling the kettle black, and although we all have freedom of speech, often you would think, “when the hell is everyone just going to move on from the CB incident from years ago?” It’s like talking about an ex that has moved on and married with children…at some point, you have to move forward and stop with the negativity of folks! In addition, his CD has sold more copies than Iggy Azalea, Wiz Khalifah, Jennifer Hudson’s and others in it’s first and second week…and Loyal was the #1 song on Billboard for over 14 weeks…CB’s fans are true to him because he has a strong music following. Often, you think of an artist and say, “what was the name of that song he/she made?” If it was one or two tracks and nothing strong of a follow up, you have to keep the longevity and momentum in an effort to maintain your fan base. Not easily done with so many artists…

      1. …And nowadays, as many know, recording artists move from successful “artist” to successful writer/producer, actor, etc. This has been known for CB, Babyface (even though Face has a duet CD out with Toni Braxton, and a couple of produced tracks on Barbra Streisand’s new CD)…50 Cent has even moved on successfully to other projects, including acting. If your finances are on track, many of the artists are set for life with royalties, digital, iTunes, Spotify, airplay, etc.

  3. I really don’t think anything in the video deserved that response. Is Chris back on drugs again? He went all the way off like they really said something disrespectful when they really didn’t.

  4. He’s been dragging people a lot on Twitter lately. I guess he’s back to the pre media training Chris Brown.

  5. Oh shut your drugged-out a-s up, Chris Brown! You’re the one putting your weak-a-s relationship (if you call clowning that spineless, doormat daily, a relationship) in everyone’s face at every damn opportunity, and yet have the nerve to get all huffy when people comment. N-gga, sit your attention-seeking, abusive a-s all the ways down!!! F-cking homicidal POS!

  6. I get that he’s upset but this is a terrible look for him because he’s the one who was arrested for domestic violence. This is just…not good. He’s proving all his naysayers right.

  7. Chris still hasn’t handled his anger issues. Now why was all this even necessary? They are on a talk show and they give their opinions on current hot topics and gossip. Hell they weren’t even nasty about it. He really needs to grow up. This was pathetic.

  8. I’m conflicted because in a way I understand that Adrienne & Tamar are on a talk show just doing their job hell it ain’t like they were lying. But on the other side it’s kinda not their business to be speaking about someone else’s relationship in depth the way that they did. IMO when you are famous it’s hypocritical for you to discuss another famous person’s relationship because you wouldn’t want anybody talking about your relationship publicly on national tv. But Chris should not have cursed them out the way that he did but I can’t lie I chuckled at his clap back though.

  9. Chris is human. It hurts and makes you mad when people dissect your relationship and the people you care about. I think he just did what every celebrity wants to do but are afraid to do.

  10. You cannot say things about the woman a man love and expect him not to naturally protect her. Im guilty of giving their relationship the side eye but I know better.

  11. The response was not warranted. They did not say anything that was not true . he went after the black women,but say nothing about the Asian girl who was doing the most. Tamar was defending him. I don’t this he saw this for himself before responding. he will never learn that he cannot win in the court of public opinion. he needs to know when to respond and how to respond

  12. Chris obviously didn’t watch the video and let his little dumb friends gas his head up about nothing. No one said anything disrespectful.

  13. I have to cringe at the way Chris talked to these women when they weren’t even disrespectful in how they gave their opinion.

  14. If he defended her all the time I’d see his side in this… seeing as though it’s the first time I’m hearing of him actually dragging someone as a result of them coming for Kae? Meh. His motive is questionable to me. I’m on the fence…I bet she’s somewhere proud tho…

  15. As a man, I’m always puzzled as to how another grown man can be so comfortable with throwing temper tantrums in his mid 20s. You can look at Chris and see he didn’t have a father figure in his life.

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