Amber Rose, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa & Khloe Kardashian Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been keeping up with all the drama that has been going down between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, then you already know the former couple’s split has been a very messy one.

Interestingly enough, while Amber was being romantically linked to Nick Cannon (she denies there’s anything going on between them), her soon to be ex-hubby Wiz was reportedly spotted having a quiet dinner with Khloe Kardashian (MediaTakeOut was the first to break the story).

The problem with the Wiz and Khloe rumor is no pictures were ever released and the story eventually quieted down and went away just as quickly as it surfaced.

However, Amber has been been spotted with French Montana in a couple of nightclubs with Blac Chyna in attendance in the last couple of weeks. In the last 24 hours, it’s even been reported by multiple folks on social media that Amber and French were even kissing at a strip club in New York this past weekend.

So here’s where things get even more scandalous.

According to the latest gossip, the Kardashian camp panicked when news of Amber and French got out because it’s a bad look for Khloe’s image and French was just on Wendy’s show talking as if he’s still on good terms with Khloe. And with Khloe’s new show on the air, they reportedly got in damage control mode quickly and made a quick phone call to TMZ and few of their other affiliate sites to tell them that Amber is actually dating French’s brother and not French. However, sources tell us that’s a lie and Amber is determined to stick it to the Kardashians once and for all because not only did Kim pursue Kanye while he was with Amber, but Khloe reportedly has no shame in going after Amber’s soon to be ex husband too and Amber is fed up.

Apparently Chyna is in on Amber’s plan, and both have become major besties because Chyna is allegedly furious with Kim for sitting back and allegedly allowing Kylie Jenner to snatch up Tyga.

As for how Amber plans to overcome the Kardashian’s media connections, we’re not so sure but apparently she’s going to try her hardest to get even with the Kardashian crew one way or another. Expect Amber to become a major thorn in the side of the Kardashians in the next few months. And she will do it quietly too.

We can’t confirm all of this, so we’re labeling it gossip for now.


  1. I giggled at how fast Kris Jenner cleaned up the French and Amber thing. It’s been obvious since day one that French does not really like Khloe and he’s just using her. But when you’re desperate, you’re desperate.

  2. French got a check for appearing on Khloe’s show and he signed a contract and that is why he HAD to go on Wendy and promote the show. He was also forced to not confirm he’s no longer with Khloe and talk about her in a positive way so ratings won’t suffer. He was paid well for following instructions.

    1. Any man who gets with Khloe at this point is there for a check and publicity. She’s the least attractive out of all her sisters.

  3. This doesn’t make sense because when the story broke about Amber and Zack, they both started following each other on social media. If there was nothing going on with them why would they all of a sudden start following each other. Chyna wasn’t with them in NYC this weekend. She had an appearance in Houston. Furthermore, how would any of this make Khloe look bad. Her and French were broken up months ago. French is free to see whomever he wants. Why would he need to creep? People like to blame the Kardashians for everything the same way theu use to blame Matthew Knowles.

    1. I know your font name on LSA. You said the same thing on there and got clocked. And you’re wrong, as always. TMZ has pictures of Chyna, French and French’s brother all in NYC. You know damn well Amber ain’t dating Zack, but you’re a paid Kardashian employee and your job is to stalk blogs and forums to spread the lies Kris paid you to spread.

      And lastly, Amber followed French before she followed his brother. You tried though and failed.

    2. You’re very transparent. And UB didn’t say Chyna was with them this weekend Kardashian employee. UB said Chyna and Amber have been hanging out with each other in the last couple of weeks. The post then says French and Amber were together in NYC and TMZ confirmed that with pictures. FAIL.

    3. Don’t bring Beyonce or Mathew into this ma’am. If you can’t clean without mentioning the King, you need to find another job. I’m bout sick and tried of you Kardashians heathens constantly dragging Beyonce into your foolishness.

    4. Tina why is it y’all can’t keep y’all story straight at the Kardashian headquarters? Now when French was on Wendy, y’all were saying French was smitten with Khloe and they were back together. And now that the truth is out, y’all don’t care what he does and they aren’t together? Which one is it?

  4. And if Amber wants to stick to the Kardashians, why not just come out and say no, I’m not with Zack. I was with my friend French. She’s being silent also leads to the speculation. She could dead that with the quickness.

    1. LOL. You’re so pathetic. You work for the Devil. Find a better job. And btw, tell Khloe we’re still laughing about that jeep cherokee she bought herself.

    2. So you’re on LSA and on here now too. Anyway, Amber said on IG she’s single. So there goes your whole PR spin right there.

  5. Amber is not going to date or mess with any man who isn’t famous at this point. So that’s how I knew TMZ was lying and the Kardashians put them up to it. But I wouldn’t even sweat it if I was Amber. But when I saw her start following French on IG like the day after the Wiz and Khloe thing came out, I knew she was about to be on that catty stuff. Then she stared hanging with Chyna. She is a Libra and Libras will plot when they feel betrayed.

  6. I can’t stand when Kardashian employees run on here and start trying to deflect. And why do they always bring Beyonce into everything?

    Anyway, Team Amber.

  7. *sighs* I saw all this coming together when Amber started following French on Instagram. It was like the same day MTO said Khloe went on a date with Wiz. If you ask me, this is very childish. I’m not saying Kim was right in how she went after Ye, but man let it go. And technically Khloe isn’t doing anything wrong by going after Wiz. Him and Amber aren’t together anymore, and Khloe was never cool with Amber. Amber should move on with her life and grow up.

    1. You don’t think Kim, Khloe, and the rest of those thots don’t need to grow up? Kim had her damn baby on the front row at a fashion show crying and she did nothing but posed for a photo op while that baby cried. Why is being relevant more important than being a mother?

  8. All I know is Amber is wasting time going after a family of whores and liars. Let life deal with them and focus on your own happiness. It’s not like karma ain’t well on the way for this family anyway.

  9. It’s obvious what Amber and Chyna are up to. It’s no coincidence that Chyna no longer hangs with Kim and now Amber is hanging with French and Chyna. But when it’s all said and done, Amber will be with someone else of status. And I still won’t be surprised when it’s confirmed that she’s really been dating Nick Cannon the whole time.In a way I think Amber is playing chess. She has the K’s nervous and in panic mode because they have to make that loser Khloe look desirable and this ain’t helping her case, but she also needed someone to help people forget about the Nick rumors. Hmmm…well played Amber well played.

  10. I believe this. I knew it was fishy when Amber started all of a sudden paying French attention. And why would Amber date his nobody brother? Amber is always going to date people who can do something for her. Just saying.

  11. My theory – there’s some truth in all of this. Do I think Amber and French are really together? No. Is she with the brother? No. I do think French is in on Amber and Chyna’s plan and that he was never really with Khloe to begin with. Khloe needed a “man” to film her show and have a storyline, and French was down. He got paid for it and now he gives no f-cks. Amber is really with Nick.

  12. Lmfao I’d do the same thing. In fact, I’d make it a mission to smash every man those Kardashian thots get with while they’re with them just so they can finally get a taste of their own medicine.

  13. Tina boo you may want to keep it cute. I and several others know exactly who you are and what your job is. I won’t even name the forum you frequent. But I know for a fact that Kris and them have a paid relationship with TMZ to do their dirty work. Kris and Harvey go way back too. When she’s late on the monthly check, TMZ will bash that whole fam. Harvey doesn’t play about his money. Oh, and let’s not forget that that whole family has been called out before for trying to pay people and blackmail them for not joining the team and writing about them like they want them to. I believe Access Hollywood called them out a few months ago because they were banned from a Kardashian event because they refused to cover them 100% positively. Then let’s not forget Kris actually tried to give a journalist gifts at the NY Post to write a positive review on her flop talk show. Don’t act like the people you work for don’t use the media to lie and smear people. They did it to Reggie Bush. They did it to Kris Humphries. And they will do it to Kanye and French Montana when they have no more use to them. Why do you think Lamar Odom is hiding now? All of y’all are evil.

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