Amber Rose Responds to Dating Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you the other day that the latest gossip surrounding Amber Rose was that she was spotted hanging around French Montana in night clubs, and some onlookers hopped on social media and even claimed the twosome were kissing.

Then of course a little birdie told us that the Kardashian camp got in damage control mode quickly and contacted TMZ to tell the site that Amber is actually dating French Montana’s brother, but we were told it’s just a PR spin and Amber isn’t dating French’s brother.

We’re also hearing that Amber is pretty focused on trolling the Kardashians by any means necessary because she’s furious about the rumors suggesting Wiz Khalifa recently went on a dinner date with Khloe, and so far Amber has even gotten Blac Chyna to join in on her rumored mission.

While we’re still unsure of the tea, it’s pretty interesting that hours after TMZ put out the story suggesting Amber is dating French’s brother, she made it clear on Instagram that she’s single and the only true love she has right now is money:

amber rose instagram
As far as Khloe and French are concerned, it appears both are still in damage control mode and TMZ  posted video of them getting cozy hours ago.


    1. Right!!! And I laughed when I saw TMZ run to post video of French and Khloe like they are scared people are starting to figure out Frech ain’t nothing but another paid employee. I do not believe him and Khloe were ever together now. She just needed a little fake relationship for her dry spinoff show.

  1. Well there you have it. I just want Amber to leave French and that attention thirsty family alone. They aren’t worth the effort of trolling.

    1. I don’t think the Kardashians are worth seeking revenge either. They’ve done so much dirt to people that karma is well on it’s way as it is. No need to do anything.

  2. She always rocks the flyest sunglasses. Anyway, I believe her. What TMZ was saying wasn’t adding up to me. Why would Amber date a rapper’s brother instead of the rapper himself? She’s pretty much past being with a normal guy now.

  3. Khloe really has to be the most pathetic one out the bunch. I guess it makes sense though because she still doesn’t even know who her real father is. She really wants people to believe men out here are checking for her but we know they aren’t. Poor dat.

    1. This is probably the most money and attention French has seen his entire “career”. He will happily continue to play along with the Kardashian crew as long as they are paying.

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