Solange Knowles Gets Called Out

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

 Solange Knowles hasn’t made the headlines much after ElevatorGate, but now she’s once again the target of bad press.

This time around Solo is being accused of acting like a diva at a recent event.

Solange was paid to attend Derby Day in Melbourne, Australia and a journalist is claiming Solange not only showed up late but made interviewing her a pain because she refused to answer any questions about Beyonce and Jay Z.

Journalist Rachel Finch tells Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa:

“We had scheduled a 1PM interview. I was all nervous, I had all my questions…all of a sudden the PR comes over and goes ‘I’m sorry, Solange is still in her hotel, she won’t be here ’till 2.'”

Rachel also says she was then informed that Solo would not be answering any questions about her family:

“So if we were to mention anything to do with Beyonce, she’d just walk away.”

Apparently coffee company Lavazza flew Solo to Australia to make the appearance, but she allegedly upset the company because she refused to pose with a Lavazza cup and take a photo:

“She walked into the Lavazza marquee – who are paying god knows how much to have her there, you can imagine the dollar – and she would not hold a Lavazza cup, she goes, ‘no thanks I’m not doing that.'”


The Daily Mail then goes on to say that Solange was also paid to DJ at the event for an hour, but an eyewitness claims she left after only DJing for 20 minutes.

Solange’s camp hasn’t responded to the rumors as of yet, so this is just gossip for now.


  1. I don’t know why people still keep trying Solange. She definitely doesn’t give a f-ck and will continue to do what she wants to do.

    1. This. Solange has never hidden who she is. She’s always been clear that she doesn’t care and if she doesn’t feel like doing something, she will not do it. I remember when she went in on that reporter when she was promoting her album because they were asking her about Jay and Bey. She’s definitely the gangsta sister.

      1. True but she was paid a lot of money to show up and promote the company. She didn’t and she also didn’t DJ like she was supposed to. It’s wrong and bad business.

  2. People book her for events because they hope she will talk about her sister. And she plays them and collects a check. I love it.

  3. I like Solange but I got to keep it real I would not be hiring her any kind of event. She seems like anything can set her off at any moment and it’s over.

  4. The only thing I see wrong here is the unprofessionalism. Holding a cup, showing up on time, and DJ’ing were part of her responsibility as a professional. As for the interview questions, I don’t know when people will understand that while she has a great relationship with Beyonce, she does NOT want to live in her shadow. I see no wrong in her declining to answer questions about Jay and Bey. You want answers to those questions? Ask them, not me. Ever since her first album she has made that perfectly clear. You can’t put your hand into fire and expect not to get burned then cry foul when you do feel that heat. Their bad, better luck next time.

  5. Sorry, I wouldn’t even book Solange. She makes go music but it’s plenty receipts out her about her nasty attitude.

  6. Solange has always had a stank attitude. But if people still want to book her and witness it firsthand, that’s their fault.

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