Teyana Taylor Flops

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Teyana Taylor said recently that she’s not worried about album sales for her debut studio album, and perhaps that is a good thing because the singer’s first week sales projections are depressing.

According to Hits Daily Double, “VII” only sold around 14-16k.

Some of Teyana’s supporters are blaming the dismal projections on what they feel is a lack of promotion, and the failure to release a strong single after “Maybe.”


  1. That’s really unfortunate because I heard her album was really good. I haven’t listened to it myself but I still plan to buy it though.

    1. I agree, I’ve heard the same thing. Idk how Spotify works for artists (like of they get paid for plays or whatever), but since I pay for that I’ll be listening to the album on there.

  2. Was there a doubt? When you pay more attention to your love life, and hopping on social media for all the wrong reasons, this is what happens.

  3. And she had the nerve to come for Rihanna. While she was trying to be a Twitter thug, she should have been trying to convince Kanye to actually give a damn about her career. He tweeted the day before her album dropped and that’s all he did to promote her.

    1. Rihanna went at her though, she just fired back. Outside of Taylor Swift no artists are doing numbers right now anyway. It’s a good album though, surprised me, can’t say I was expecting much

      1. You said Taylor Swift is the only artist doing numbers right now? Wrong. Katy Perry – platinum. Beyonce – platinum in a week. Jay Z- platinum. Rihanna will go platinum yet again with this next album. Adele- Diamond. Kendrick will go platinum again. Hell Ye flopped but I’m sure his next album will go platinum. Sorry, there’s no excuse for Teyana to sell 15,000 copies. Even K and Tamar can do higher numbers than that. Stop making excuses for flops.

        And BTW, Teyana been coming at Rihanna since the Chris Brown situation. There’s videos that can confirm this. Rihanna clapped back after years of Teyana taking digs at her. Get your facts right.

  4. It’s unfortunate because her music is actually pretty good. But she should have promoted herself more than she did. It’s like she has a boo now and doesn’t really care about her career anymore.

  5. She made the terrible decision to beef with someone who has one of the largest fan bases in music. She will remain a flop.

  6. Well she acted like she didn’t care how this album performed so I’m not surprised it’s not doing well.

  7. I think her album flopped because she didn’t build a fan base in connection with her talent as an artist. Personally, I could care less that she had beef with Rihanna. I just haven’t heard much of her work to say whether or not she’s worth my support (money). I hear nothing about her unless it’s something social media related on a blog. Maybe next time she’ll do more performances and promotions. There are those who still don’t even know who she is, let alone that she can sing AND has an album out…

  8. Damn, you can always tell WHO aint making any money of their own. All this beef talk ??? like c,mon grow the f up! What happened.. happened! Get over it and stop living so far up these celebrities a-ses! Truth is she doing something right to keep y’all a-ses buzzin lmao. Have fun wrecking your brain with what you are actually going to do with your own life.

    1. So let me get this right…we’re broke because Teyana flopped? We don’t make money because Teyana is the one with the struggle career? Hey, whatever lie you need to believe, believe it. Believe the worst about us if it makes you feel better about these numbers. And it’s ironic you’re talking about people being so far up anyone’s a-s when you’re all up in Teyana’s. Hypocritical much?

      And she’s buzzing you say? Welp, that’s not what these record sales are saying. LOL.

      1. Girl they are so mad about those numbers. Oh well, they should have bought the album! Even K Michelle can do better numbers than Teyana. Damn shame.

  9. So all those people talking about how good her album is just downloaded it for free. Typical. That’s why it pays for artists to try to go mainstream. Appeal to those who will spend money on you.

  10. She doesn’t care about album sales? Well she needs to. It annoys me when new artists try to pretend album sales don’t make them. Please a record label will drop them in a heartbeat if they can’t do decent numbers. Ain’t no label trying to lose money. Keep playing girl and see how quickly Kanye will kick you to the curb. It’s a business.

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