‘Married to Medicine’ Star Rushed to Hospital After Physical Altercation

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Quad and Lisa fight in season three? Well it looks as if the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” cast isn’t the only ones getting violent during filming.

Filming for season three of Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” has already started, and with Mariah Huq currently pregnant, it appears Quad Webb-Lunceford will have a new foe to fight with.

According to reports, Quad is currently at odds with Lisa-Nicole, and the tiff resulted in Quad being rushed to the hospital.

Apparently the other day both met at a restaurant to discuss their differences, but when Quad revealed she hired a private investigator to dig up some dirt on Lisa, Lisa attacked her with a glass cup.

Blogger Funky Dineva writes:

I’ve yet to confirm this, but its said that Quad did Lisa one better and hired a private investigator. On yesterday, the two ladies met up to discuss the challenges they’ve been having in their friendship, and sh!t got real when quad presented Lisa with some no so pleasant information. Sources are saying that Lisa got so enraged by Quad’s words that she threw a glass of water on her. I guess the glass of water didn’t do enough damage to satisfy Lisa’s anger, so she threw a second glass that ultimately ended up cutting Quad’s left cheek.


  1. Quad started feeling herself too much and now look where it got her. I liked her and then she got really petty with the Mariah situation. She’s unlikable now.

  2. i liked both of them, but that’s what happens when these “tough” b-tches think that they can come for the meek.

  3. She should have gotten her a-s whooped last season. She let this little show blow her head up and she turned all those women against Mariah like a snake. I don’t care for her.

  4. Is Quad on something? You are that determined to one up someone that your hire a PI? I don’t condone throwing a glass at someone but I don’t feel bad at all. At liked Quad on season 1 but that “fame” got to her head. She’s a mini Mariah.

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