Tasha Smith Claps Back at Husband’s Restraining Order

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days ago its was reported that “Why Did I Get Married” star Tasha Smith’s husband had been granted a restraining order against her because he felt she was a violent drunk, but now Tasha is clapping back and she claims she’s the one who fears for her life.

TMZ writes:

The “Why Did I Get Married?” star just filed legal docs, claiming hubby Keith Douglas flies into jealous rages, calling her a “f***ing d**e” and accusing her of sleeping with other women. She says, “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he is capable of killing me.”

…Smith says she’ll call a bunch of celebs in their divorce case to validate her claims of abuse, including Tisha Campbell Martin and Elizabeth Rohm.

Smith says in her docs she’s friends with Michael Jace — “The Shield” actor who allegedly shot and killed his wife — and says she told her husband she was worried she’d end up like Jace’s wife.


  1. She was just on Wendy Williams show saying they had sex in the green room at the show because she was ovulating. That was about two weeks ago when she was promoting Addiction

  2. Both of you are lying, the honeymoon stage is over and now you both want out of the marriage. Do what you got a do and keep it moving. Tasha, I find it strange that all the characters you play…are alcoholics. If you are addicted, get some help!

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