Kevin Hart Addresses Eniko Pregnancy Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Eniko Parrish pregnant? Earlier this week, MTO claimed comedian Kevin Hart’s fiancee Eniko is pregnant with the couple’s first child, and the site also claimed that she’s been working overtime to hide the baby bump.

But Hip Hollywood caught up with Kevin recently and he says the rumor is not true:

On Monday, a gossip website published a story claiming that Eniko was with child, but our Kevin Frazier caught up with Hart on the music video set for The Wedding Ringer where Hart set the record straight.

“People on the Internet needs to stop, OK?” Hart said, joking, “Eniko is not pregnant … and if she is, it ain’t by me.”


  1. MTO should never be used in the same sentencw as the term “reliable source”…ever!!! Now that being said, Torri would’ve definitely sh-t a duck if home girl was really pregnant! Lol!

  2. Well that’s good because I think couples should have some time to enjoy each other before they have kids. And they haven’t tied the knot yet. No need to rush.

  3. Who really cares though except those idiots at MTO. Hell I don’t even think Torrei cares anymore notice since ATL exes went off Torrei ain’t said a peep and she needs to keep it like that.

  4. Well I’m sure EnGoldDigger is just counting down the days until the munchkin does impregnate her. When it happens, she’ll be good for 18 years easy.

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