Wendy Williams Defends R Kelly Marrying Underaged Aaliyah?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The controversial Aaliyah biopic will air this Saturday on Lifetime, and Wendy Williams has been getting lots of backlash as the Executive Producer of the movie.

Wendy confirmed months ago that fans will see Aaliyah’s relationship with R Kelly unfold in the film, but the daytime talk queen appears to think it was pretty much not a big deal for him to marry Aaliyah while she was only 15 years old.

She tells HuffPost Live:

“She wasn’t just some young dumb girl. And that wasn’t just a regular romance. They were really in love. (She was in love with him) and he was in love with her.”

When Wendy realized what she said may have been on the ridiculous side, she quickly followed up by saying she’s not giving R Kelly a pass:

“And you know what? As seedy as it sounds, in entertainment a lot of times fifteen is based on what you see, like twenty-five. That doesn’t give an old man an excuse for falling in love with a fifteen year old girl but Aaliyah was certainly wise beyond her years.”


R Kelly was reportedly about 27 years old when he illegally married then 15 year old Aaliyah.


  1. Now really is anyone surprised this former crackhead sees nothing wrong with what R Kelly’s pedophile a-s did?

  2. I see Wendy didn’t do any research on this situation or R Kelly’s past with other young girls. He literally was responsible for another little girl trying to kill herself. So if she didn’t do the research on R Kelly’s past, it’s safe to say she didn’t do enough research to make this movie decent either.

  3. Wendy is really an evil and demented person. I don’t care how mature Aaliyah seemed, R Kelly was wrong to do what he did. There’s no excuse.

  4. Ok so what’s her excuse for him doing the same thing to young girls who weren’t in the industry? Wendy is so damn ignorant.

  5. I want Wendy to say this to Aaliyah’s parents, and the parents of all the young women he’s victimized over the years. The man is sick and never loved any of the young girls he took advantage of, Aaliyah included.

  6. Wendy, I think your brain is still fried from the crack residue…it has never been approved or alright for an adult to marry or be with a child. I don’t care how mature Aaliyah seemed, she was legally a child…would you feel the same way if it was your daughter? Hell No!! R. Kelly have some very serious issues with young girls…he only think of himself…he sound like he’s a narcissistic, they prey on children too. Be quiet…please!

  7. This just confirms why I won’t be watching this sh-t. I bet Wendy made the producers romanticize the whole situation. And that’s disturbing.

  8. Wendy is such a FlipFlopper… she changes her opinion to suit whatever is convientfor her and her show!! #STFU you were ot saying that years ago when you were on the radio.. she was one of the first people to condem RKelly, consistantly! Now all of a sudden it;s ok? OK Wendy, we $ee you!!

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