Kris Jenner Gets Stung by the BeyHive

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night, the Knowles clan broke the internet thanks to Solange’s very simple, yet stylish wedding to longtime beau Alan Ferguson, and the family made headlines for their fashionable looks.

Blue Ivy’s afro also was popular on social media, especially since Solange rocked a glorious one for her big day too.

And of course this photo alone got more likes and shares than any other photo from the big day:

knowles break the internet

For those of you who don’t keep up with the Kardashians, #BreakTheInternet is the hashtag Kim used for her latest nude photos with Paper Magazine. Interestingly enough, the BeyHive made a target out of Kris Jenner because not too long after Solo’s photo was posted to Instagram and the meme began to pick up steam on social media, Kris posted the following:

kris jenner instagram


Now this may not have been shade, but that didn’t stop people from dragging Kris. And the comments looked a little like this:

kris slammed

kris slammed 2

kris slammed 3

kris slammed 4

kris slammed 5

kris slammed 6

kris slammed 7

kris slammed 8


  1. This is shade though. Beyonce posted a picture of herself to her IG during Kim and Kanye’s wedding. I think this is payback. Weak payback, but payback it still is.

    1. Exactly. Kris ain’t slick. They are still mad Bey and Jay didn’t go to that sham of a wedding. And does Kanye even live with Kim yet? I’m starting to think their marriage isn’t even real. It’s like both of them are just using each other for relevance and power couple status (which they will never achieve).

      1. I always thought Kanye was gay. No straight man would keep encouraging his wife to show the world her bare a-s and vag. That man treats Kim like his hoe. It ain’t normal.

  2. I don’t even like the Beyhive but I’m on their team on this. Kris is a shady and jealous b-tch. All those hoes think they are better than black women. The only black women they befriend are the ones who will bow down to them. F-ck them.

  3. I want to know why this white trash family thinks they are some sort of royalty. No one in their right mind even respects them. And with Kim stripping down to look like a glazed doughnut, they can really kiss the possibility of ever being taken seriously goodbye.

  4. Oh well. Kim made the choice to be a porn star. And with her going back in that direction with that magazine, they are an even bigger laughing stock than they were before.

  5. Kris is such a delusional old bird. She really thinks that her family can at least be better than Beyonce, but they don’t pull that mess with these white celebs though do they? There’s a reason for that. They know they are trash. But because they are racist, they think they are still better than black people. I can’t stand this family.

    1. Because they don’t like successful black people. They only like the blacks who will worship them and agree to be used by them. Bey refuses.

  6. That picture with all those beautiful black women is a symbol of black excellence. But that picture of Kris and her hoes is a symbol of white privilege.

  7. I am here for this Kris sit yo a$$ down with them hoe daughters. Nobody even respects you. They call you Kris and Tina is called Ms. Tina. That speaks volumes to me. Old disrespectful mutha suckas.

  8. So she just leaves out her son, huh? I guess she forgets about him because he’s not able to sell sex for a living like the others.

  9. I’m like Hammer now, they can’t touch the Knowles! They have been setting the example for years on how to be classy! The kardashians have been setting the example for years on how to be a call girl, (expensive prostitutes)! The Beyhives have shut them down in a classy way…the picture is beautiful!

  10. One of the biggest mistakes this country could have ever made was giving this family relevance. Now they won’t go away.

  11. This is why I don’t see how any black woman can befriend or be fans of those whores. They can’t stand black women, especially not successful ones.

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