Iggy Azalea Responds to AMAs Criticism

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Iggy Azalea’s big summer thanks to her hit single “Fancy” is still paying off, considering she was able to nab not one, but two AMAs last night.

Iggy won “Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop,” as well as “Favorite Album – Rap/Hip-Hop.” But many were upset because she won “Favorite Album” over Drake and Eminem, two albums that outsold hers.

Regardless, Iggy’s awards were fan driven and she feels anyone who isn’t happy for her is a bit on the bitter side (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

iggy instagram


  1. See…this right here is why I refused to watch that show last night. I probably would’ve thrown my shoe at the tv when she won over Drake – and I don’t even care for him. I can’t wait till 2015 rolls around and she fades into obscurity!

  2. I’ve never really seen a new artist act this snotty and self-entitled before. So people are bitter for believing she didn’t deserve the accolades she got? Especially when all of her music lacks substance in comparison to Drake and Eminem? Humble yourself Iggy. No one has to root for you and your mediocrity.

  3. Iggy is so sensitive she gets on my damn nerves. How are you a hip hop artist or any kind of artist for that matter but can’t take criticism. Some people don’t like you and your music get over it.

  4. I knew she would walk away with at least one award. The media wants her to replace Nicki so bad, but her album sales are still too low.

  5. Ummmm, I’m pretty sure the fact that I’ve been watching CNN for the past 6 hours waiting on this decision is negatively influencing my perspective on clear people right now. Soooooooo, I’ll just say that the AMAs have always come off as biased to me, so I’m not at all surprised by this or her response.

  6. This is why I didn’t watch. The only time I watch the AMAs is when Bey is supposed to perform. Other than that, nope!!

  7. Has that album even gone gold yet? Y’all can’t tell me she’s not getting all this stuff because she’s white. No gold album, can’t rap, music sucks and she’s still being treated like the first female rapper ever. Sickening.

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