Mike’s Brown’s Killer Will Not Be Charged

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We’re thinking most of you aren’t surprised by the outcome of the Darren Wilson case. Minutes ago, it was confirmed that the grand jury has decided not to indict Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson.

The New York Times writes:

A St. Louis County grand jury has brought no criminal charges against Darren Wilson, a white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, more than three months ago in nearby Ferguson.

The decision was announced Monday night by the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, at a news conference packed with reporters from around the world. The killing on a residential street in Ferguson set off civil unrest — and a national debate — fueled by protesters’ outrage over what they called a pattern of police brutality against young black men.


Interesting fact, the grand jury was made up of nine whites and three blacks. Apparently they have been meeting on the case since August 20.


  1. I’ve been done with our justice system since George Zimmerman got off. I have no faith in our system now. I knew nothing would happen to that man. He’s white. Enough said.

  2. I wish I could pretend to be surprised. A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect- W.E.B. Du Bois. R.I.P Mike Brown.

    1. get real. white people dont have to answer to the christian god because that’s their god. when will blacks smarten up. totally different vibratory frequencies. there’s a reason why they win. the black denial only helps them which is the plan.

      1. Let me offer you a little advice. I don’t really care whether or not YOU believe in God or about your thoughts on Christianity. I said what I said and I stand by it. So take your unwanted views on religion to someone who cares about your opinions. However, I’m certainly not that person and you just wasted keystrokes and soapbox standing time. Run along.

      2. What? You do know Christians aren’t the only ones who believe in God right? I would hope so since you’re typing like some sort of religion expert. Let people believe in what they want. It’s a free country.

  3. A life lost. A people with no faith in the system put in place to serve and protect them. Hours worth of news coverage that resulted in a 20 minute briefing which ultimately discredited witnesses and provided information which insinuates the outcome was justified. I feel insulted. And I am saddened for that family and their community….our communities. Such a difficult reality we face that so many others have no idea of….and no concern for. I stand in support of St. Louis and applaud them for not backing down over the past couple of months. Although it hasn’t been headline news, the protests have continued and that in itself is progress. Sending prayers up for us all.

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