Ferguson Protestor Puts Don Lemon on Blast

Photo Credit: The Real/Instagram
Photo Credit: The Real/Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

CNN’s Don Lemon loves controversy and his “reporting” on Ferguson and the Mike Brown situation has been so controversial that he keeps getting dragged on social media.

To most, Don Lemon seems to be using his platform as journalist to further vilify blacks in the wake of Mike Brown’s killer escaping charges.

And last night, he took his messiness a step further by claiming he smelled lots of “weed” while he was out there with protesters.

Welp, one of the protestors has had enough of Don and he put the CNN anchor on blast on Twitter (read tweets from bottom to top):

don lemon on blast twitter 5

don lemon on blast twitter 4

don lemon on blast twitter 3

don lemon on blast twitter 2

don lemon on blast twitter

Of course we can’t confirm or deny any of this tea.


  1. FINALLY! I am sick of this queen and his self loathing anti black commentary. It’s WFN’s like him that networks use to boost ratings and then toss them away when they’re done. Don, I promise we don’t want ya hypocritical a-s when your 5 minutes of fame are up.

    1. The crazy thing is he doesn’t think CNN will dispose of him when they find another uncle tom for much cheaper.

  2. I hope this makes every urban blog by tomorrow morning. Don Lemon needs to be called out and the truth needs to be told. It’s always the ones who act like their sh-t don’t stink who are the biggest hypocrites. Always.

    1. Exactly! I know Bill Cosby is wishing he’d kept his damn thoughts to his high and mighty self now. Especially since the white media has their torches and pitchforks out to roast his a-s. He better not look for support from the very ones he was clowning! But knowing how some of us black folks think, he’ll come crawling back…tail between legs.

  3. Don Lemon is just another thirst bucket. He wants to be so controversial and he thinks being messy will put him on the map. But real life will catch up to him. White people may pat him on the head now, but they will throw him under the bus soon.

  4. Why does none of this surprise me. I always thought his obsession with talking down to thugs was just a cover up for the fact that he likes them.

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