Karrueche Tran Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day we told you we were hearing that Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown were on the outs again because Chris allegedly cheated on her, and Karrueche gave the rumors life by tweeting about being single.

It also didn’t help that a little before she posted the tweet, photos of Chris allegedly in the act with another women began to go viral.

The Shade Room writes:

We received an email from one of our roommates about a woman that claims to have slept with Chris Brown last weekend. Attached in the email were screenshots of what appears to be Chris Brown sleeping in a cluttered room full of his clothes and shoes. The video has not been released yet and we are guessing the groupie is waiting to receive some dolla-dolla-bills for it.

There are a few reasons why we took her email seriously. The man in the picture has Chris Brown’s same back tattoos, including his “smiley face” tattoo below his neck.

Not only that, the room is packed with Chris Brown’s clothes. In fact, his white “monster” jeans that he wore to an Art Exhibit last week are the exact same jeans seen in this video.

chris caught up

chris caught up 2

chris caught up 3



Despite the photos going viral, Karrueche took to Twitter to let her followers know the tweet was actually about her new role in “Single Ladies” (read bottom to top):

karrueche twitter 2
karrueche twitter


  1. B-tch, you knew what you were doing when you put that tweet out there. Just STFU, and be thankful that your golddigging, doormat ways led you to Chris Brown.

    1. She’s only weak because it pays off for her. Being with Chris gets her acting jobs and fame. She will suck the toe jam off his crusty toes as long as she can keep getting the opportunities.

  2. This should be proof that this girl is only with Chris for what he can do for her. There’s no other reason she would be ok with him constantly cheating on her. Chris better wake up.

  3. Ok it’s obvious now she really doesn’t care that he cheats. That says a lot about her character. But Happy Turkey Day loves!

  4. All she sees is signs. She can’t leave Chris until she gets everything she came to get. If Chris wasn’t so stupid, he’d see she’s just another user.

  5. Happy thanksgiving! Narcissistic people do that kind of sh*t…do anything for attention….girl take several sits and do yourself a favor and close your tweeter account, I’m sick of you!

  6. Hold the f-ck up. You mean to tell me Chris has all that money and got nan furniture in his place? How you rich but living like you broke? The f-ck?

  7. Kae really doesn’t care about him sleeping around, she just fronts like she does so she can get public sympathy. I don’t doubt she joins Chris sometimes and does 3somes with him.

  8. Now we’ll see her crying on tv talking about how people judge her & the Navy drags her. She is becoming so predictable now it’s pathetic. SMH

  9. I don’t feel sorry for this girl because she’s only with Chris for the fame and money. If she wasn’t, she would have left him by now.

  10. Karrueche did this for attention. She knew tweeting what she did would make the blogs. I told people this gold digger isn’t innocent. There’s a reason Momma Breezy can’t stand her.

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