Kanye West Done with Music?

Photo Credit: Kenny Sun
Photo Credit: Kenny Sun

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West’s latest album “Yeezus” didn’t sell as well as his previous albums, and nowadays it just seems as if the rapper may be more interested in fashion than his music career. Interestingly enough, sources tell Page Six that Kanye will release his upcoming collaboration with Paul McCartney and then take a hiatus from music.

Page Six writes:

Kanye West is coming to the conclusion that there are bigger bucks in fashion than in music.

“After his next [collaboration] with Paul McCartney comes out, he’s going to step away from music and concentrate on clothing,” said my source.


    1. I doubt it. I know hating Kim is the thing to do, but Kanye’s talent can’t be erased no matter who he is with. He’s made great music. And I say that as a Kim stan. Kim can’t “ruin” him.

    2. So true. The Taylor Swift thing hurt him, but when he got with Kim, everything just went downhill for him. Being with her has made his whole message from his first album null and void.

  1. I hope he has more sense than to let Kim or Ricardo make him walk away from what he loves. I wish Donda was alive to knock some sense into him.

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