Christina Milian is Fed Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Christina Milian has been catching lots of backlash for her very interesting relationship with Lil Wayne since the rapper appears to be dating her and his “fiancée” Dhea at the same time.

She’s already lashed out on Instagram once and tried to make it seem as if she’s unfazed by the criticism, but it’s obvious by her actions on social media this past weekend that the backlash is starting to get under her skin.

Over the weekend, Weezy’s daughter Reginae enjoyed a lavish party for her sweet sixteen, but when folks noticed Christina wasn’t in attendance and Dhea was there with Wayne…many took to social media to drag her.

Then of course some sites reported that Christina tried to come to the party but was rejected at the door, but sources tell us Christina never left California and had no intentions of attending to begin with.

After clapping back at multiple bloggers, Christina eventually tweeted the following subliminal to her critics:

christina milian twitter


She also called out her Instagram critics in a tribute to a close friend:

christina milian instagram
christina milian instagram 2christina milian instagram 3


  1. She keeps taking her anger out on the wrong people. She needs to be mad at Lil Wayne. He’s the one juggling her and Dhea around like it’s nothing. But at least Dhea can be invited to family functions. It’s got to suck to be the side chick to a man known for his harem.

  2. I can see now why her and Karrueche are besties. They’re weak women who will tolerate anything as long as the man keeps them relevant.

    1. And she told him to bring Dhea instead. She loves Dhea. The whole family does. Meanwhile Christina can’t go anywhere near Wayne’s family. That should be enough to make her walk away but she’s too dumb to do it.

  3. She really lacks self esteem. She’s mad at people for saying the truth but she’s not mad at Lil Wayne for treating her like a side piece. I don’t understand some women.

  4. She’s ok with being disrespected, as long as the public doesn’t shade her for it. So this is really about her lil ego being bruised. Sad because she has a daughter. What is she teaching her?

  5. It must be “let me try to grow a backbone week” or something. First Kae is “mad as hell”, now this one is out the gate, and “really not taking it any more”. *sigh* Delusional birds with side-chick issues!

  6. She can’t be mad at bloggers for her dumb decisions. Lil Wayne may be a hoe but he’s still taken man. He will not leave Dhea for her. If Christina can’t handle being laughed at, then the role of a side piece is not for her and she should leave.

  7. Had Turn Up Tina put as much of her focus into her career as she does dating mens for come ups, she’d be in way better position than she is now.

  8. She’s all in her feelings because she knows she’s out here looking like a fool. That man won’t even bring her around his kids and family. He ain’t serious about her. Somewhere The Dream and Jas Prince are having a good laugh. You ended your engagement to be a side chick. FAIL.

  9. No, you sit down, Tina! Does she not realize that no one in the industry respects her? You are dating a man with a harem, who is engaged, and is known as a player. Tina has been burned by The Dream and Nick Cannon when will she learn? On top of all that mess, her daughter is practically related to Wayne’s son and your ex husband’s ex wife also has children with that man. It’s a hot mess. Meanwhile, he’s taking Dhea to family events while you are back at home “unfazed”. Let’s not forget the mothers of his children don’t like you and prefer Dhea. I can’t. Please find a man with no attachments that can be yours, and only yours. Oh wait, that was Jas Prince and you messed that up.

  10. I honestly think Christina is a sweet person, she just makes really bad decisions when it comes to men. Hopefully one day she will learn and start dating men who will not embarrass her.

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