Todd Tucker’s Mom Passes Away (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

In sad news, it’s being reported that Todd Tucker’s mother Miss Sharon has passed away. A source close to Todd tells the Daily Mail that she fell ill suddenly and suffered a stroke.

The Daily Mail writes:

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Todd Tucker’s mother passed away on Tuesday in New York, a source exclusively revealed to Mail Online.

Tucker was in Atlanta when he received a call notifying him that his mother had fallen ill in New York, according to the insider.

A friend of the reality star’s is reported to have discovered his mother Miss Sharon before she was rushed to a hospital, where she died the following day.

Sharon was reportedly unconscious after suffering a stroke when Tucker arrived in New York. She then slipped into a coma overnight before passing away on Tuesday, the same source claims.


UPDATE: Todd confirmed his mom’s death and wrote the following on his Instagram account:

Today I lost my partner, my ride or die my best friend! I don’t know what to do? I’m lost! My heart hurts so much! She was a fighter, a warrior for her son! It was me and her against the world! She’s in a better place!! Mom I love you to death! Rest in peace!


  1. Wow! So sorry to hear this. If ever the notion of “live for today, as you’re not guaranteed tomorrow” was ever applicable, it’s in this situation.

  2. Omg im so shock right now im sending my condolences to the whole entire family I can’t say I know how you feel cuz I don’t may god give you and ur family strength……..god please wrap ur arm around this family they need you lord in Jesus Christ I pray amen……..

  3. My prayers are with todd and kandi &family at this time of sorrow may god be with you. I know todd and his mom are very close so sorry to here this

    1. My deepest sympathy to you Todd. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. Your mother was your rock. As long as she is in your heart she still can be that rock. She is watching over you. She is very proud of the man that you have become. She knows that you are OK. You have someone who loves you and who will ride with you through the rough times. Don’t let the media ruin that for you. Don’t feel guilty for living your life. That is Miss Sharon would have wanted for you. Keeping you in my prayers!

  4. I ask God to have mercy, and let Todd and his family get through this
    very very difficult time. Rest in peace Ms. Sharon.

  5. Voodoo queen struck again she voodoo AJ the man Kandi was gone marry first she hated him like she hated Todd’s mother though it’s sad at least Sharon will be able to rain down on mamma Joyce head look out joyce.

  6. I’m praying for u,your family may god be with u,i really know how u feel i lost my mom 23 years ago it hurts a lot but it just take one step at a time.Be bless

  7. I’m praying for u,your family may god be with u,i really know how u feel i lost my mom 23 years ago it hurts a lot but it just take one step at a time.Be bless

  8. Prayers to Todd, his daughter and family, however how could he possibly stay married to Kandi????????? I think Todd is to good for Kandi, get out of this marriage Todd and live your life with your daughter and let Kandi live in misery with her warped mother, you deserve better and will be glad you made the choice.

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