Watch: Masika & Hazel-E Almost Come to Blows at LHHH Reunion

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Masika and Hazel-E stopped being on good terms when Masika started dating Hazel’s former flame Yung Berg, and although things haven’t been so smooth for Berg and Masika, Hazel still found it hard to accept the new romance.

At the reunion, things get explosive quickly when Hazel breaks down in tears about feeling betrayed by Berg, but when Masika makes it clear she’s not moved by the tears, Hazel jumps up out her seat before being restrained by security:


Don’t feel too bad for Hazel, since wrapping up the reunion, she’s now happily dating comedian Katt Williams.


  1. Hazel was very stupid behind Berg but Masika is the real loser. All this defending Masika did and a couple of hours later Berg repaid her back by beating her a-s.

  2. I really don’t like Masika. She’s a trifling friend and a backstabber. and Berg will only bring her down even more. And that’s what I call karma.

  3. I see after that ATL brawl they ain’t taking no chances. Lol. They shut Hazel down with the quickness

  4. There was really no reason for Hazel to get out her seat to hit Hazel. Berg ended up doing that for her like a week later and Masika is still cheesing in bed with that little roach on Instagram like an idiot.

  5. Not advocating violence but who jumps up out their seat and just stands there. Child please you weren’t going to throw any hands. Sit all the way down.

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