Chris Rock Explains Why Janet Jackson Can’t Stand Him

Photo Credit: Chris Rock/Facebook
Photo Credit: Chris Rock/Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Chris Rock is doing press rounds to promote his latest film “Top Five,” and he recently dished on why music legend Janet Jackson practically hates him.

He tells PEOPLE:

“I remember when Janet Jackson [had that wardrobe malfunction] at the Super Bowl. I told a joke like ‘You can’t just whip out a 40-year-old t–!’ Now, anytime I see Janet Jackson to this day she looks at me like she’s ready to scratch my eyes out!

“I had to do it. It’s my job. I can’t take the joke back, but man it would be nice for Janet Jackson to like me. God bless her, I wish her well.”


  1. I guess people don’t know about Auntie Janet. Back in her younger days, she helped her mom whoop one of Joe’s side pieces a-s. Chris is lucky all she did was mean mug him when she saw him. LOL.

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