Iggy Azalea Fires Back at Azealia Banks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Iggy Azalea may have received multiple Grammy nominations as a result of a good year for her music career, but that hasn’t done much to silence her critics.

A few days ago fellow female rapper Azealia Banks went off on the Australian artist, and called Iggy out for not speaking up on the Eric Garner and Ferguson situations since she has profited plenty from the Hip Hop culture.

Iggy apparently responded on Azealia’s Instagram account with the following:

iggy claps back azealia banks


  1. I’m so tired of this weak white snowflake. And watch them reward her mediocrity with at least one grammy. Smh.

  2. B-tch please she can miss me with this lame excuse. But what can you expect from a culture vulture. This the same chick who was rapping about being a runaway slave master. I swear I will side eye T.I. for the rest of my life for putting this b-tch on smh.

    1. This. TI lost major points with me. What I don’t understand is why TI capes so hard for Iggy because she’s not even on his label anymore. He makes no money from her career.

  3. How many more times is she going to make it clear that she feels she shouldn’t have to say anything about Mike Brown and Eric Garner? Isn’t that what she’s getting called out for? My goodness, I didn’t realize how dense she was.

  4. Iggy is self entitled and will never understand why so many people feel the way they do about her. I just hope she’s prepared for when the media dumps her and finds a new white hope. She doesn’t have talent and won’t last long once the hype machine and white sympathy runs out.

  5. She’s really the female Macklemore. Clueless, self-entitled, and painfully dreadful. I guess she’ll go away once they give her a few undeserved grammys.

  6. Why do some white people love to pretend they are oppressed? Even if some black people are against her, the establishment is for her so she will keep getting accolades and attention she doesn’t deserve. I wish she would stop pretending like she’s some struggling artist being picked on. She has no idea what struggle is.

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