Chris Brown Regrets Dragging Karrueche, Drake’s Camp Responds to Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Chris Brown hopped on Twitter and accused now ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran of flying to Toronto behind his back to go on secret dates with Drake, and Chris even claimed Karrueche agreed to invite other people to their bedroom.

However, the R&B singer now regrets the social media tirade and he posted an apology to his account hours ago:

chris brown apology edit

chris brown apology 2


In related news, Drake’s camp is denying he had anything sexual going on with Karrueche. TMZ writes:

Sources connected with Drake say there’s NO truth to the dating allegation … he says Karrueche isn’t even his type. As one source puts it, “Drake’s an a*s man. Think about it, all the strippers he gets with … the first out of his type was Rihanna.”

Drake acknowledges he hung out with Karrueche in Toronto … but only because she was friends with a girl who he was hooking up with.


  1. Chris can go somewhere with this WEAK apology. So what will his excuse be when he’s in his 30s? That he’s still young and dumb? Please.

  2. Enough of these two a-sholes. We all know all her talk about being a “strong woman” don’t mean squat, since she’ll be back up under his a-s in a hot minute. Ugh!

    I never thought they’d be two bigger media whores than Kim and Kanye…I was dead wrong!

  3. Oh please Chris can take this apology and shove it up his a-s. It’s lame and it’s full of excuses. As I suspected he was probably lying on Kae and now he looking extra stupid because some people who worked at the jail he was at are blasting him saying Kae was up there all the time. He is such a pathetic soul smh.

  4. And like a true abuser, he apologizes and does nothing to change or become a better person. He just keeps the cycle going.

  5. I’m not impressed by this apology. And I don’t think Karrueche slept with Drake. Chris gets angry and will try his hardest to destroy people only to apologize for it later.

  6. He really is bipolar. And in my opinion, he’s not worth the stress it requires to be with him. I couldn’t do it.

  7. He says he doesn’t care about his image but I’m sure he only apologized because a lot of people were calling him out for how foul he did Karrueche.

  8. It’s a little too late for apologies. he totally threw Kae under a bus and embarrassed her. Even if they get back together now, everyone will remember how he did her.

  9. I wonder how Chris would feel if a man treated his mother the way he treats women. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate it very much. I can’t believe I used to be a fan.

    1. But that’s the problem, his Mom was physically abused right in front of him when he was growing up. Thats why I would never mess with Chris, hes seen first hand the ramifications of abuse on his mother and his life, yet still continues to perpetrate it.

  10. But this apology won’t stop Chris’ fans from dragging Karrueche like they have been for the last 48 hours.

  11. Chris isn’t apologizing because he thinks he was wrong, he’s apologizing because he’s still trying to manipulate that girl. He thought he could shame her into coming back to him, but now that it didn’t work, he’s hoping an apology will bring her back. It’s not genuine at all.

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