Kenya Moore Hits Below the Belt

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore continues to call out NeNe Leakes for not writing a $20,000 check to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, and although NeNe continues to pay Kenya dust, Kenya is ramping up on the insults.

In a recent interview, Kenya continues to call NeNe an animal and even calls her ghetto.

She tells Hip Hollywood:

“I think that it is typical NeNe. She is really to me showing the disgusting part of her personality. It doesn’t have anything to do with me or you. It’s not a pissing contest. Give the money to the kids in the city of Detroit for their education. It has nothing to do with whether you like me or when you said you were going to donate it, or when I said it. She is the one who said ‘I write the check, you write the check, we write it together.’ But I wrote the check first.

“Why is it that she is going through all of these motions and taking her time now to write the check, clearly she has no intention of writing the check. I think it really shows the type of person she is. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. She is a ghetto, classless, beast for cheating those kids out of $20,000. They need it. She has it.”


  1. Now had NeNe called Kenya a ghetto beast, she’d be somewhere out here crying fake tears and pretending to be a victim. This is why no one really takes Kenya’s cries of bullying seriously. She’s one of the biggest bullies on the show.

        1. And Kenya is broke. That’s why it took her a whole entire year to cut the check. Calling NeNe a moose won’t change the fact that she’s more successful than Kenya will ever be. And that’s why you’re really mad. Y’all act like high schoolers. Pressed that the less attractive girl is doing better than the “pretty” girl. So you resort to pathetic and racist name calling. But in the real world, looks can’t take you but so far. Kenya is proof of that. Seethe.

  2. Why was it necessary to even comment in this manner? No one said anything to her when it took her ten months to cough up the money but because NOW she did, she has the right to demean Nene like this? It’s one to say that the kids deserve the money as they do, but was it really this serious to do in such a derogatory way? I can’t STAND Kenya. Not because she speaks her mind but because she throws rocks and hides her hands and is spectacularly talented at playing the victim. F.O.H.

  3. I find it disturbing that any black woman would use a public platform to constantly refer to other black women as animals and ghetto. I was already bothered by the fact that Kenya said she wanted her baby to have green eyes and possibly have a white sperm donor, but this is just more classless than Nene has ever been. Kenya has to do better and exude the class she claims to have.

        1. “Who is Nene again?”

          A BROADWAY actress. And it’s laughable that you think that washed up beauty queen makes NeNe relevant. Every interview Kenya does, she discusses NeNe. And what does NeNe do? She pays her dust while she gets REAL acting gigs. Seethe.

  4. Whoa. Now this was unnecessary. Is Nene wrong for not donating the money? Yes. But Kenya took a year to write the check too. And I don’t remember Nene calling her out about that in every interview. Kenya needs to grow up and stop being such a nasty human being. Black women should never refer to each other as animals.

    1. Well said. I can’t stand when her and her fans refer to other black women as a moose, a frog, beast…etc. It’s racist when a white person says it but it’s ok for Kenya and Team Twirl to do it?

  5. It’s very had to like Kenya. I hope the money she makes from Bravo is worth losing all the respect she had coming in.

  6. Kenya can be such a drama queen. If she was so passionate about giving that money to Detroit schools, she wouldn’t have waited so long to write the check. She’s always using charities to make NeNe look bad.

      1. …and have her phone on stand by in case the stans tweet her a response. Cuz lord knows, that chick is not quick on her feet. Phaedra read her like the New York Public Library, and she sat there almost in tears.

          1. Chile cheese! Kenya’s inability to read has nothing to do with Apollo and everything to do with the fact that she’s a bully who can only operate with backup, but is useless and clueless on her own.

  7. Kenya’s dumb a-s think she can’t be considered a beast because she’s pretty. But she has one of the ugliest insides ever. Chick has a pretty face but her personality is ugly as hell. This is why her life is sh-t. No family, no friends, no man, no kids, and no real career.

  8. And this is supposed to be the classy broad on the show? Please! Her stans would’ve been reading Nene for filth if she’s said the same about Kenya, but all of them will be running on here praising Miss Bath Salts for “keeping it real”. I never thought I’d see the day when I said this, but Sheree, Kim, hell even Marlo is preferable to this b-tch.

  9. Kenya has really ruined RHOA for me. I’m not even pressed to watch it now and it used to be my favorite reality show.

  10. Enough already. This is why I’m convinced this fruit loop has nothing else going on. Drama and conflict is the only way she can keep herself relevant.

  11. But if NeNe said this about her…oh never mind. You all are already well versed in how much of a hypocrite and fake victim Kenya is.

  12. Has Kenya thought about what she plans to do with herself when playing the villain on reality shows gets old? Because Bravo will replace her eventually with a new Kenya/Nene. Nene was at least smart enough to make the acting thing happen just in case Andy pulled the plug. I feel like it’s Nene’s last season too.

  13. Nene is taking her time just like you took 20 months to get the money up…Kenya you keep on bashing Nene. She’s doing right by not giving you nothing, until she’s ready…so keep running your damn mouth and pushing the pay back and back. Grow-up Kenya!

  14. I don’t see how this “woman” has fans/stans at all. What 40 some odd woman still brags about being pretty & how ppl are jealous of her because of it. That’s so elementary & imo she’s not all that. Now twirl (:

  15. Yall know yall need to quit, Nene an Phaedra are the most wicked, evil and vile… Kenya can’t do or say anything right! Stop spewing all the hate at her and maybe she would not have to continuously defend herself!!! Stop the black on black hate, all of these women are equally wrong….

    1. Nene and Phaedra are the most wicked and vile? That’s funny because I have yet to see either use a major platform to call black women animals. You’re not fooling me. It’s obvious you’re just another delusional Kenya stan. Don’t come on here talking about Kenya can’t do anything right, that woman is not a victim. She’s a nasty person and I don’t see how y’all rally for a black woman who gets on TV and refers to other black women as animals and beasts. Y’all even had an excuse for her saying she wanted a white sperm donor and a child with green eyes. She’s nothing but a c–n.

      1. They also had an excuse for Kenya stealing Vivica’s cell phone while they were taping Apprentice. That’s why I don’t take the stans seriously. Everyone on the show is evil to some degree but Kenya takes the cake. She’s a master manipulator, thief, and conniving bully. If she was light skinned, or if she wasn’t attractive (or both), her stans would be on here dragging her.

    2. Girl bye. Kenya came on the show being a b-tch and still is one. Had she came on the show acting like she has some sense, she would have been better received. When you agree to play a villain, you will not be liked. At least Nene and Phaedra can handle the backlash, unlike Kenya and her fans. It is what it is.

  16. Stop spewing the hate, we are better than this! I got love 4 all the rhoa ladies, and they have all or most have done one another wrong… Whether being called a whore or beast is 2 me equally wrong! It takes one 2 know one is how I see it, so say or call me what you want I Stan for no one but I do stand 4 is Respecting others! All this meanness is unbecoming…. Peace and Love, always

  17. I wonder what Kenya would have done had Nene pulled out her checkbook right there at the reunion. That would have been more embarrassing for her than the dragging by Porsha Mayweather. I hope the City of Detroit realize Kenya is using them.

  18. They both should have paid up, Kenya took a whole year to get a cashier’s check and Nene still hasn’t paid. When most people with class give to charity, the do not go bragging about it, period. I’m sure Nene will donate when she feels the need to. It’s not for Kenya to tell her what to do.

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