Chris Brown Struggles with Karrueche Tran Breakup

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran are currently back on the outs, and this time Karrueche claims she’s the one who left and she’s done with the R&B singer for good this time.

As a result of Karrueche being the one to pull the plug, Chris dragged her on Instagram and even accused her of participating in risky bedroom activities early on in the relationship.

Regardless, he issued an apology and it’s apparent by his latest deleted tweet that he’s struggling with the breakup.

He tweeted:

chris brown twitter

In related news, Karrueche’s camp is telling TMZ she’s so done with Chris because she feels he was mentally abusive.

TMZ writes:

Sources close to Karrueche say she was referring to numerous times Chris publicly disrespected her when their on-again/off-again went south. She has numerous examples.

— Chris went on Instagram and liked pics of Yovanna Ventura, Justin Bieber’s ex, suggesting they were together.

— He Instagrammed a pic of Kendall Jenner on his lap.

— Chris plays the Rihanna card, sometimes liking her bikini pics and even wearing a necklace Rihanna gave him.

— The most recent rant on stage this past weekend, where he said,”f*** that b*tch,” referring to Karrueche.

Karrueche says she’s sick of Chris intentionally making her feel bad, so she’s done for good.


  1. So she just now figured out that he was mentally abusive? Oh, ok!!! Now let me see if her dumb behind will take him back for the holidays?

    1. This is why I still give her the side eye. She’s known for getting back with him no matter how he does her. Who’s to say this situation is any different than the last 100?

  2. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her? I sure don’t. She should have left that night he brought two girls home with her in the car. But I’m sleep tho.

  3. Womp womp I don’t feel sorry for Chris at all he brought all this on himself if he alone it’s because of him. Until he addresses his personal issues he will never be in a healthy relationship. Onto Kae I still don’t think she is done with Chris I hope I’m wrong but probably not. As far as Chris being mentally abusive I guess if you want to call it that but she needs to take some blame for this too she allowed this behavior from the jump and defended his behavior so she needs help too.

    1. Yeah I remember when she tried to drag someone for tweeting her to be careful with Chris because he abused Rihanna. But now he’s abusive?

  4. Chris showed the entire world he was abusive when he laid hands on Rihanna and left her on the side of the road to fend for herself. Any woman with a brain would have swerved him after that. Instead, he still has female fans and people calling that whole situation a mistake when he’s been abusive to Rihanna and Kae since then. He is who he is. Let’s not pretend any differently.

  5. Chris needs to seriously stop. No one in their right mind feels sorry for him. He completely embarrassed Karrueche and he was wrong.

  6. I do agree that he’s mentally abusive. Anytime you think it’s cool to turn around and trash your exes because they left, that’s just abusive in nature. I remember him calling Rihanna a hoe on Twitter and he actually did physically abuse her too. He’s never going to change.

  7. It should never take a woman that long to realize she can do better. So I question if Kae means it or if she’s just using public sympathy to stretch out her 15 minutes.

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