Karrueche Tran Addresses Rumors Suggesting She’s Back Together with Chris Brown

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are once again on sour terms and it’s all because Chris retaliated over Karrueche breaking up with him by putting her on blast via Instagram and telling his fans that she agreed to have a “minaj” with other people in the beginning of their relationship.

Chris revealed recently that he’s struggling with the breakup but now sources are claiming that a reunion is already in the works.

However, Karrueche tells The Shade Room that despite the rumors, she did not get back together with Chris:

chris and karrueche not back together


  1. She acts like it’s not gonna happen. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but she’ll be ringing in the New Year with him. Mark my words!

    1. who cares anyway if they get back together or not…if u dont get wifed within 2 years then u might as well consider yourself a fq-buddy…

  2. Who does Kae think she’s fooling? She’s obviously still spending time with him and we all know where that will lead. It’s an ongoing cycle with them and eventually the public will get bored by their stunts.

  3. I wish this silly a-s girl would stop pretending like she’s hard to get. The whole world knows how weak she is. She’ll be back with Chris before the month is over. She knows she can’t keep her “fame” without him.

  4. She is lying I don’t know why she is trying to hide the fact that they have gotten back together nobody is surprised and whoever is surprised that she took them back I have some lucky charms to sell you.

  5. She’s basically the girl who cried wolf. She’s said she’s done with him so many times to only take him back, so now no one will ever take her seriously.

  6. Leave the girl ALONE! she was a non-celebrity who hooked-up with a celebrity. Both are young, living there lives in the spotlight. Leave her alone. As if you didn’t put up with a NOBODY who lived around the corner doing God knows what ’til you moved on or WHATEVER…. #don’tjudge

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