Kevin Hart Regrets Dark Skinned Women Joke

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Kevin Hart might be inking plenty of movie roles these days, but he became the target of backlash after he made a pretty insensitive joke about dark-skinned women.

In the joke, Kevin said light-skinned women have better credit than dark-skinned women.

While Kevin originally defended the joke and claimed it shouldn’t have been taken so seriously, now he admits in a recent interview that he regrets ever tweeting it.

The comedian tells EBONY:

I was doing a trending topic [on Twitter]. I forgot what it was, but I had made a comment about dark-skinned girls. The trending topic was something about money. And I said, “Dark-skinned girls broke.” And then I was like, “Light-skinned girls got good credit.” It was a whole topic of just me joking and they took this one thing and on social media the next day it was: “Kevin Hart Hates Dark-Skinned Girls. He Praises Light-Skinned Women, Calls Dark-Skinned Girls Broke Hoes.”

And I’m like, “What? Are you serious right now?”And literally, every caption: “Kevin Hart Takes Dark-Skinned Women to the Bank.” It was like I was a villain and I was like, “What?!” People were calling me. Like literally, my publicists called me and wanted a comment. And I probably came off like a bigger jerk with the comments ’cause I was like, “I’m not giving no f*cking comment. I’m not saying anything about what I said on Twitter.”

Like, I’m a comedian! I tell jokes all the time. I said, “If it’s not for you, then don’t read it. I’m not apologizing for thinking what I thought was funny.” That’s what I base my life off of. I got a slew of sh*t from dark-skinned girls for a while. I was out in the street and dark-skinned girls would see me [and say], “Yeah, you little fake a*s.”

The timing couldn’t have been worse, because I had just got a divorce. My girl that I was seeing is, like, tropical and mixed. Everything just looked bad! And I was like, “I’m not going to address it! My daughter’s dark-skinned!” But that’s probably the only thing that if I could have taken something back, I would have taken that back.


  1. I didn’t like him before the comment anyway….he can snag all the movie roles he can but his height are always the brunt of his jokes. He’s just not funny to me (shrugs)

  2. It’s great he now sees he was wrong, but he should have known better. Especially as a dark skinned man with a dark skinned daughter and dark skinned ex wife.

    1. right. he’s the only comedian i’ve ever heard ANYONE say isnt funny. and thousands of people of all kinds say HE isnt funny. so it aint biased. lol

  3. He didn’t only get hell from dark-skinned women, I a light skinned woman boycotted his butt too. Color stuck fool. That was a weak apology, and it shows that the women who chose to boycott him, their work is not in vain and hopefully will continue on.

  4. I’m not buying it. I boycotted his short a-s too since that comment. I don’t support anything this fool does and never will again. Anybody who can say such things he did is just ignorant and not deserving of me to go sit in a theatre and pay money to support any of his movies, which is why I did NOT go see think like a man 2, ride along, etc. The fact he thought dark skinned women were fair game and gays aren’t for his jokes just shows his disrespect and self hate. The fact that he has a dark skinned daughter was more than enough reason he should not have made such a ridiculous and racist comment. Had a white comedian made that joke, there would’ve been hell to pay that’s why I don’t see how some folks still sit in the movies and support this fool.

  5. Ummmmm his apology is mad weak….he shouldn’t have made that corny non funny a$$ joke… the 1st place being that his whole lil family is “Dark Skinned” he is a complete fckn idiot. I dnt support his a$$ neither and I’m brown skinned….he is obnoxious and corny anyway. When is a real funny comedian gonna step up or Dave C gonna come back? It’s time for KH to fade to black.

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