RHOA Ratings Drop

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” have always been able to draw big numbers, but ratings broke records when Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams came on in season five.

However, now season seven’s numbers aren’t as strong, and the show’s viewership has been declining faithfully just about each week.

According to TV by the Numbers, the season premiere brought in a whopping 3.83 million viewers, but last Sunday’s episode slipped all the way down to  2.79 million.

Numbers haven’t been this low since season five.

Despite the decline, it’s possible things will pick up again once the ladies face off on their trip (there’s even an upcoming showdown between Kenya and Phaedra that results in Phaedra trying to hit Kenya with her purse), so all hope is not lost just yet.


  1. So Team Twirl, y’all wanted us to credit Kenya for the ratings surge so now do we get to blame her for the ratings drop too?

    1. What evidence do we have proving Kenya is the reason the show’s ratings are dropping? There’s other people on the show with her.

      1. Oh so now y’all have a different tune to sing, huh? Before it was Kenya made the show and she’s the sole reason the ratings spiked. Now that the show is in trouble, y’all remember that there’s other people on the show who contribute to the ratings. *side eye*

        1. Oh they will ignore this comment because it’s the painful truth. Kenya and her stans killed this show. And I knew they would.

          1. What story line does porsha, phaedra, and kandi has? They killed the show truth be told…now be happy with the new civil kenya since ya always talking bad about her behavior.

          2. What storyline does Kenya have – besides the same stale one with Apollo and Phaedra? By the way, I’m pretty sure that stale storyline is one of the main reasons the ratings are declining. *sips coke*

        2. Ya should be happy kenya is not turned up. Ya should be happy she’s trying to be civil….since she’s not entertaining you porsha stans no more, ya want her gone. Smh

          1. At least kenya has a story line. What story line does phaedra has. She still the same celebrity lawyer that has no celebrity clients. Phaedra still has her imaginary jobs, which she can’t name them. Her only story line is her boys which is ok by me and her criminal husband. Porsha ain’t got no storyline. She’s just nene side kick.

          2. Why a-lister,hollywood superstar,box office actress Kenya Moore,lower herself to be on a reality show with other females?Since she’s a big box office draw ,she should have her own BRAVO reality show and make BRAVO millions,girl bye.Old has been thought she could get gigs like NeNe,all she has is Apollo storyline and a cheesy video about Phaedra,while NeNe is on broadway and has a clothing line on HSN.

        1. So now Nene is boring and it’s her fault? That’s funny because on another post you said her and Kenya are the most entertaining ones. Funny how things change when your fave isn’t the RHOA savior you thought she was. Y’all said she’s the new queen but the ratings say otherwise.

          1. Now ya don’t like her because she’s boring. When kenya was turned up, you guys hated her….now she’s being mother Theresa, she’s bored……phaedra and porsha storyline is sooooo dry, at least kenya can give you a little drama to look forward too.

          2. Girl it’s time for you to twirl yourself back to the drawing board. Your responses on here today are drier than usual. But I have always thought Kenya was boring. Her individual scenes about her life are like watching paint dry. She needs to feed on others and be a crap starter to appeal on this show. The problem is, people are just over her and her antics.

        1. Kenya and nene are my only reason for watching that show……those 2 are very entertaining, everyone else needs to be replace.

    2. Kenya did boost ratings cause it was the same boring nene and her meanness and Kenya took the show from Nene by doing what fans wanted and that was create nonsense with Phaedra and Apollo but it did not take long before fans got sick of her nonsense so they moved on to the mean ole Mama Joyce then she created drama. Now its down in the dumps as usual

  2. I am not shocked at all. They are dragging out the same story lines from two seasons ago. And Claudia is boring. She is not the firecracker they tried to make her out to be. I know Demetria isn’t on yet, but I don’t expect her to be all that interesting either.

    1. Demetria is not going to do anything. She’s a bore outside of that great voice of hers. I don’t know who brought on Claudia and Demetria but that was a bad choice.

  3. I just think people can tell that the drama is very manufactured now. When the show first started, all the women actually knew each other and they were friends. So the drama was organic and fit. Now everything is so fake and forced. They need to go back to the basics after this season and fire some people. Kenya should have been gone after her first season. We have yet to see the real her. Phaedra too. Cynthia is boring and can go. Nene can stay but she needs to go back to her old self. I can’t stand this Hollywood Nene. Porsha can get her peach back because she is the only person who brings the humor. But she needs to let us see her dating life.

    1. This is not the kenya’s show. What happened to the other cast members? Kenya is being mother theresa now and ya hate her even more. Please, the audience wants drama and kenya brings drama. To bad ya don’t know if ya want mother theresa kenya or turned up kenya.

    2. Yeah blame kenya again because the other cast members storylines are boring…..you porsha stans are confused….bravo needs to replace all the cast members except for nene and kenya.

  4. That is a huge drop. Well I’m one of those people who just got extremely bored and irritated by everything. One of my biggest issues is Bravo keeps trying to make Kenya the star of the show and it’s just not working. Then her constant need to be a victim and never own up to the dirt she does makes me not even want to tune in anymore. There’s nothing entertaining about her crying and talking about how mean everyone is to her, while she neglects to talk about the mean things she does.

  5. I’ll tell you what is hurting this show…the annoying stans. Kenya’s stans are one of the main reasons I’m no longer pressed to watch anymore. They get on here and all the other blogs and they take the show way too seriously. And if you don’t like Kenya, they call you all kind of derogatory names and say offensive things about black women. To top it off, Kenya encourages that by calling Nene a moose, ghetto beast etc. It’s just too much and I’ve been watching since season one and I don’t like what the show has become.

    1. After one of her stans called me ball headed, on welfare and jealous for saying Kenya was a hypocrite, I decided I would no longer support looney tunes by watching.

  6. I’m not surprised the producers bring in passive aggressive Kenya who plays the victim all the time it’s exhausting. Claudia has no storyline whatsoever she brings absolutely nothing to the show but they got rid of Porsha because she was too boring so they say. They keep beating us over the head with that played out Kenya/Phaedra/Apollo story line. Peter is still being a messy marvin,Cynthia is still the weak a-s woman she has always been get gully with Porsha but quiet as a mouse with Nene. I’m just over RHOA.

  7. When it’s all said and done, history will say Kenya killed this show off. She was never a true fit for RHOA. She’s not a wife, never been married and all she does is cause chaos and division. You can tell she’s never even had any real female friends either. She’s too busy trying to compete with other women than actually develop friendships. That kind of woman won’t work on a show that was created to feature friendships between women.

  8. I just think the hype has died down. The ratings aren’t bad. I’m sure producers will make big changes next time though. Some people have overstayed their welcome.

    1. Youre right about that – Kenya sure as hell has overstayed her 15. Maybe we the loyal fans need get a write-in petition together, asking the producers and Andy Cohen to kick her butt off the show?

        1. Please go crawl back up Kenya’s a-s and stop running up and down this thread with the same dry-a-s response. From everyone who could give two f-ck’s about Kenya….thank you!!!

      1. The show is dead because there’s no drama and the same old recycled storylines and folks who should have never came back after their disrespectful behavior at the reunion came back. Now Hollywood Divas, that show was GOOD. You know why? Because all the women had fresh storylines and they all worked together despite their own beefs they had along the way. It was almost like a sisterhood. The women on RHOA are ghetto, nasty, hoodboogers. The problem is Team Pretty (Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia, Demetria) do NOT belong on this show because they are too polished and SMART. They would have been a better fit for a Hollywood Divas type show or a show on fashion. RHOA has run its course. It’s not anyone’s fault. Before Kenya came on the show had already started to decline in ratings because of NENE’S high and mighty attitude. FACTS.

        1. Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia are too classy for the show? Ok. So was Claudia classy when she slept with a married Tom Joyner? Was Claudia classy when she stabbed her friend for years Omarosa in the back on Apprentice just because she was thirsty for fame? Was Kenya classy when she pulled out a bullhorn to talk over everyone at the reunion and called Porsha a dumb hoe? Was Kenya classy when she wore that trashy inspired Phaedra outfit at the charity event? Was Kenya classy when she flirted with a married man? I will even take it back before RHOA. Kenya was in Detroit sleeping with drug dealers to pay her bills. Was she classy then? Was Cynthia classy when she was waving her finger all in Porsha’s face and calling her an escort who sleeps around for cash and handbags? I think people like you are why this show is dropping in ratings. You have a delusional view of what class is and you are inaccurately putting some of these women on an undeserved pedestal when we are all supposed to be calling them out like we did seasons prior. You new viewers actually stan for these washed up clowns. It’s pathetic. None of these women are classy. If they were, they wouldn’t be on the show because classy women aren’t on reality shows. And let’s not talk about being smart. If Kenya was smart, she’d be on the Vanessa Williams path. Vanessa is a former beauty queen who was smart enough to become an established actress. Look at where Kenya is today. Her whole life was downgraded. Claudia is a well known thot who sleeps around to get her jobs. In fact, one of her exes called her out two weeks ago for sleeping with him to get a part in a music video. And Cynthia is an idiot period for marrying Peter. And yes, I do agree that Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia should be on Hollywood Divas instead. It’s a flop in ratings and well they would be a better fit for a show people hardly watch. Now Kandi and Nene annoy me, but I do have to be honest and say they are the savviest ones on the show. They understood that RHOA isn’t anything more than a means to something bigger. That’s why Kandi continues to build her wealth and Nene is on Broadway. Meanwhile Kenya is in route to become a professional reality television personality and well that isn’t comemndable nor does it pay very well. She will end up like Omarosa. Hated by he majority of the public and known only for being a huge b-tch on TV. That’s bascially a dead end as far as genuine opportunities are concerned. But stan away for “Team Pretty” and “Team Dead End.”

  9. After all the Nene-bashing last season, and Kenya’s “oh woe is me” impressions, viewers have been turned off. Gone is the fun we had with Nene and Kim, and instead we have ratchetness courtesy of Kenya, and her minions Cynthia and Claudia. That sh-t isn’t fun, it’s boring as hell.

  10. RHOA…has run it’s course! There is no story lines…Kenya is who flew over the coo coo nest. Cynthia, don’t have a story line, boring…Phaedra’s marriage is over….Kandi, is no longer a sugar mommy…Claudia….Claudia who?

  11. I stopped watching after Kenya and Porsha came on. I didn’t like either and knew they would bring the show down.

  12. Kenya and Porsha were the biggest mistake to that show. Both ladies are boring. Why do I miss Sheree and Kim days though!

  13. The ratings will probably pick back up when more drama ensues, which is actually sad. The current viewers seem to be interested in only the drama. It’s a formula that’s unsustainable because eventually the drama becomes exhausting. That’s the main reason why I stopped watching.

  14. It’s usually slow at first but I think these numbers are a sign that people are bored with the current story lines. How much longer do we need to talk about those damn text messages? And Cynthia and Nene? That’s a snooze fest. And Claudia serves no purpose.

  15. They messed up by trying to make Kenya the new queen. She isn’t likable enough or interesting enough to take that title for Nene. Even when Nene becomes unlikeable, she has a certain presence about her that makes people want to tune in and keep up with what she’s doing. Kenya will never have that kind of charisma.

  16. Getting Rid of Kenya Is Way Too Easy. I Think They Should Keep Her And Make Her Suffer. What They Should Do Is Get Rid of Her Tired A-s Clique Cynthia, Claudia, & Demetria. Then Bring Porsha back on Full Time And Finally Bring Back Sheree.

  17. I’ma need for Kenya’s fans to have a stadium of seats. When the show was popping you said it was because of Kenya and it’s her show. Now it’s tanking and it’s everyone else’s fault but Kenya’s. I can see why y’all like Kenya. Y’all are just like her. Delusional, annoying and undeservingly arrogant.

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