Azealia Banks Tells Iggy Azalea to Stop Playing the Victim Card

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea drama just won’t end. Earlier in the week, Azealia Banks stopped by Hot 97 to talk about her recent feuds with Iggy and T.I. and the rapper broke down in tears when she started talking about the unfair struggles black artists have to face in the music industry.

Azealia said:

“That Macklemore album wasn’t better than Drake’s record. That Iggy Azalea sh*t is not better than any black girl that’s rappin’ today. The Grammys are supposed to be accolades of artist excellence. Iggy Azzlea is not excellent.

“All it says to white kids is like ‘oh yeah, you’re great, you’re amazing, you can do whatever you put your mind to,’she says about her issues with the Grammys. And it says to black kids, you don’t have sh*t, you don’t own sh*t, not even the sh*t you created for yourself. And, it makes me upset.”

When Iggy got wind of Azealia’s interview, she told her foe to stop pulling the race card (read tweets from bottom to top):

iggy twitter 2
iggy twitter

Azealia tweets (read from top to bottom):

azealia twitter 3
azealia twitter 2
azealia twitter


Interestingly enough, Solange Knowles showed her support for Azealia Banks not too long after (read tweets from bottom to top):

solange twitter


  1. Iggy is coming off as a very self entitled brat. Just because you got all those Grammy nominations doesn’t mean you deserved them. Her album still isn’t selling and I really don’t think she’ll be popular in a few years. Say what you want about Azealia, but she actually does have talent.

  2. Iggy needs to shut her white privileged a-s up. There are not “many” black artists succeeding. Hell only a couple can go gold. Most black artists are ignored for their white carbon copies. Look at how they are all on Sam Smith’s d-ck and he’s just an average singer and songwriter. John Legend sh-ts on him.

  3. Iggy needs to sit back and take a long look at her career. Does she really think it’s normal she’s been nominated for four Grammys when her album continues to struggle in sales? Come on now.

  4. LOL ay Iggy thinking she has a real fan base and that wack album still isn’t even gold yet. She’s just another tool the media is using to annoy the f-ck out of black people. They will discard her and Macklemore eventually for the next white tool.

  5. I’m waiting for Iggy to list these “many black artists succeeding in all genres.” She still hasn’t answered me on Twitter.

  6. Typical white delusion and ignorance. No, it’s not a a lot of black artists doing well. That’s the point. I can’t stand this idiot.

  7. I used to couldn’t stand Azealia and she still annoys me from time to time but she is absolutely right in what she is saying and has been saying about Iggy. Once again Iggy Igloo wants to play the victim but she is the one rapping about being a slave master.

  8. This is why I keep saying Iggy should not have any black fans. Bish just got on Twitter and said there are many black artists succeeding. Really girl? So there’s no advantage to being white?

  9. I just want Iggy to go away. She sits back and lets the media do the dirty work while she pretends to be some victim. Typical.

  10. I can guarantee you Iggy is fully aware she’s getting all this shine because she’s white and she doesn’t have a problem with it.

  11. Someone commented on another post about how we need to support our black artists and buy their albums. It sticks with me in this situation because as many comments as I see about how talented Azealia is, I can only imagine how many people HAVEN’T purchased her album; myself included (assuming she’s dropped one). And I mention this because Azealia’s success would be a major thing in shutting Iggy up instead of just picking her tweets apart. As delusional as she may sound, she’s confident in saying it because Azealia isn’t well-known/highly supported. Not sure when Azealia’s album came out but I’ll be supporting her from here on out.

  12. Azealia is just saying what other black artists are too big to say. BTW, I love me some Solange. Her authenticity is so dope.

  13. They are trying to gang up on Azelia because the truth makes them bad. Support her music and let her know you have her back.

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