Solange Wants People to Know She Doesn’t Need Beyonce’s Money

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Newlywed Solange Knowles has always struggled to escape her big sister Beyonce’s shadow, despite having a career of her own. And thanks to ElevatorGate, the media has been constantly going after Solange’s image, with some publications attempting to paint her as a crazy leech who can’t stand on her own two feet.

Fed up with reports claiming Beyonce paid for her honeymoon, Solange’s camp tells E! News that she doesn’t need a handout from her big sis:

A report recently surfaced claiming Beyoncé paid for her sister Solange’s honeymoon in Brazil following the 28-year-old singer’s nuptials last month to longtime love Alan Ferguson. The report went on to claim that Bey shelled out over $130,000 and alleged that the 33-year-old singer footed the bill for her younger sibling as a way to apologize for the drama that went down in May between Solange and Jay Z (you know, the infamous elevator fight).

However, a source tells E! News there’s no truth to the rumors and insists that Solange and her hubby, who are both successful in their own right, paid for the trip to Trancoso on their own.

“Reports that Beyoncé paid for Solange’s honeymoon with Alan Ferguson is false. There is no truth to this. Solange and Alan paid for their honeymoon themselves. They did not receive any compensation of any kind,” a source close to Solange tells E! News.


Solange has been busy promoting her new shoe collection and her new hubby Alan Ferguson is a well-respected music video director.


  1. I wish people would let Solo be great. She actually does make her own money as a singer, songwriter, designer, DJ and she did make good money when she was a rep for Carol’s Daughter.

  2. I hope Solange catches whoever made up this dumb lie in the elevator all alone one day. People stay coming for this child but they aren’t anywhere near as fabulous as she is.

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