Ciara Takes the Next Step to Move on from Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara and Atlanta rapper Future were set to tie the knot, but before the couple could say “I do,” Ciara called off the engagement because she learned the rapper was allegedly cheating on her with multiple women.

While it was reported months ago that the couple was attempting to work out their issues, sources claim Ciara is now officially done and is in the process of removing a tattoo of Future’s initial from her finger.

E! News writes:

“They tried to work things out between them but it could not be saved,” the source says. “Ciara could not get over what had happened. She is focusing on her baby and friends now. Her baby is the most important person in her life.”

Although they have decided not to tie the knot, the baby’s father is still very much a part of the child’s life.

“He is a great father,” the source adds. “They want to keep things civil for the baby.”
While things remain “civil,” it has become clear that she wants no reminder of the love they once shared because she is getting the “N” tattoo (representing Future’s real first name, Nayvadius) she has on her ring finger removed.

“She is in the process of removing her tattoo at this time,” the source reveals. Notably, Ciara understandably is no longer wearing her 15-carat engagement ring, either.


    1. That’s a positive way to look at it but let’s not forget she could have gotten a beautiful baby in a less demeaning way too. She could have actually married and gotten pregnant by a good person had she taken her time. She’s always rushing into relationships with the wrong people.

  1. Everyone tried to tell her silly a-s he wasn’t sh-t. You can tell a man’s character by how he treated other women before you. If he dogged out all his other baby mamas, what made Ciara think she was so special?

    1. She was too busy trying to shame people for telling the truth. Now I can’t help but chuckle about that open letter she wrote about the blogs. The blogs were never the problem. Future was the problem.

  2. I don’t even understand why she gave him another chance. He’s just not the faithful type. The funny thing is his other baby mamas tried to tell her that but she was arrogant because she thought her fame meant he would treat her better.

  3. You can’t fall in love with bums. She read receipts on Future and still stayed around long enough for him to make her look like a damn fool. Ladies believe the receipts!!! It will spare you a life of pain and embarrassment.

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