Tyga Goes After Blac Chyna’s Parenting?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is a nasty custody battle in the works between Blac Chyna and Tyga?

Despite spending most of his time with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner,  TMZ is reporting that Tyga seems to think that’s much better than twerking on Instagram.

The site claims the rapper is reportedly telling friends that his ex Blac Chyna is an unfit parent.

TMZ writes:

Tyga is alarmed that Blac Chyna seems more interested in hitting the clubs than parenting their 2-year-old son King Cairo, so we’ve learned he will file legal docs asking for primary custody.

The rapper thinks his baby mama has lost her focus on caring for the little boy … she’s more interested in making a spectacle of herself … twerking day and night when there’s a camera in sight.

He lost it when he saw the double twerk featuring Blac Chyna and Amber Rose. And when she went out later that same night and partied at a club, he decided he was going to take her to court. He says he does not want his son raised by nannies.

The former couple does not have a custody order, but currently she has the kid more than him. He wants to change that.


Tyga is furious with TMZ and claims there’s no truth to the report:

tyga twitter


  1. I see the Kardashians have already started throwing Tyga under the bus and selling TMZ planted stories about him and Chyna, Typical.

    1. Oh it will get worse when Kylie gets tired of him and moves on to the next victim. They’ll do him worse than they did Lamar and Kris Humphries.

  2. Tyga don’t get mad at TMZ now. You wanted to be with a Kardashian well here you go. Get used to the planted stories about your child and baby mama now that you’re f-cking the 17 year old.

  3. He couldn’t get custody if he wanted to Chyna can just get her lawyer to bring up the fact that he is dating a teenager and it’s a wrap for him.

  4. I hope he’s telling the truth because he doesn’t want a custody battle. His relationship with Kylie hurts his chances of winning.

  5. Why did this grown a-s man leave this beautiful grown woman for a 17 year old Katfish who has to draw on all her beauty?

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