Karrueche & Her Manager Get Put on Blast Amid Engagement Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Despite telling TMZ and followers that she was completely done with Chris Brown because he completely embarrassed her on Instagram by outing their former bedroom activities, Karrueche Tran is said to be back with the controversial R&B singer.

And hours ago, she actually posted a photo of a big rock many are inclined to think was a Christmas gift from Chris and possibly an engagement ring (even though it’s on the wrong finger).

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However, someone blasted Karrueche and her manager Jacob York on Instagram because they believe posting the ring was nothing more than a publicity stunt and Karrueche only holds on to the relationship to help her career. The person cites York’s recent posting history as proof:

karrueche and manager blasted

karrueche and manager blasted 2


  1. How long has the navy been saying this though? Karrueche is not some innocent victim. She’s a user and even Momma Breezy knows this and can’t stand her. Karrueche doesn’t stay because she loves Chris. She stays because being with him keeps her relevant and bills paid.

    1. Hell I’m not in the navy and I’ve been saying it forever too. Homegirl is a user. So are most of Chris’ friends.

  2. I’m actually starting to think the same thing about Karrueche. It’s like no matter what Chris does to her, she stays and it doesn’t seem like it’s about love to me. I mean she’s gotten acting gigs and modeling contracts since getting with Chris. Maybe a part of her realizes all that could go away if Chris isn’t in the equation anymore.

  3. I told y’all Karrueche was a snake two years ago. But y’all dragged me for it because y’all felt sorry for her. When will y’all learn? She ain’t sh-t. Chris has gone downhill since he hooked up with that gold digger.

    1. Had Chris kept his hands off Rihanna, he would have been one of the biggest pop stars out right now. He destroyed himself.

  4. It honestly doesn’t matter if Karrueche is staying for fame or for love. She’s still very naive and lacks good judgment. I also think she lacks self esteem. If fame is so desirable, why not leave Chris with some dignity, take some acting classes and put in the work to achieve an acting career on her own terms?

    1. …because like all other thirst-buckets out there, Kae wants money and fame the easy way. Too work for it means she’s failed at Gold-digging 101.

  5. The message this sends to young women is pretty frightening. Karrueche and her supporters are basically saying she’s only worth a couple of carats. That’s it. And to someone like Chris, that isn’t much. I see some of her fans on Instagram saying she’s better than other women because at least her man can afford to buy her nice presents after he disrespects her. So nice gifts make emotional abuse and cheating better? I see a lot of parents have failed out here.

  6. Stands to reason that a thirsty, gold-digging b-tch would have a desperate, equally thirsty manager – would we expect anything less from Kae?

  7. Well I told y’all I’m in PR but I’ve never heard good things about this Jacob York person. He’s basically very inexperienced and seems to believe stunts are all a person needs to stay relevant. It’s the same mantra the Kardashians live by.

  8. So I guess she really does love the attention. I can’t say I’m surprised. But this makes me look at her differently. I can’t ever be sympathetic towards her again.

  9. No one should feel sorry for Koochie Koo anymore. She loves the attention and loves that sh-t more than she could ever love Chris. Believe that.

  10. Well they’re all grown. If all of them want to use each other, by all means go ahead. But just know that the next time she cries in an interview, no one will care. Karrueche is a certified fool and to lower your standards that much for fame is pathetic.

  11. Karrueche came in with a plan and she’ll keep dealing with Chris for as long as she needs to. Let’s just make sure no one on this blog ever feels sorry for her again.

  12. Been peeped game. This is why I don’t ever feel bad when Chris drags her. He knows she’s using him so he doesn’t feel bad about dogging her out.

  13. I can’t stand her manager. He’s always plotting against Chris and tells Kae to stay with him so they can all enjoy living the lavish lifestyle on his dime. Manager my a-s. More like pimp.

  14. that mgr must really have some dirt on karate. may every time she wants to leave chris the mgr said “b-tch don’t fvck up my money or i’ll spill all the tea” so karate run back. Now i see why Mom Breezy don’t like her a-s

  15. First of all she knew what the hell she was doing when she posted that picture of those rings,knowing that people would assume that they were from Chris and on top of that on Christmas day too! The thing that really bothered me is that most people believe Rihanna started the beef with Karrueche when it was the other way around when Karruech and her friends posted a video on YouTube mocking Rihanna! She’s a wolf dressed in lamb’s clothing.

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