Did Phaedra Parks Take the Kids to See Apollo Nida in Prison on Christmas?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Phaedra Parks can’t seem to make her mind up when it comes to whether or not she will take the kids to see Apollo Nida in prison, but she recently told TMZ that she was considering doing the deed on Christmas.

However, sources are claiming Phaedra decided against it and the boys didn’t see their father during the holiday.

Radar Online writes:

Nida is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence for identity theft in Lexington, Kentucky.

Meanwhile, his wife and kids spent the Christmas holiday “at Phaedra’s Atlanta home,” an insider told Radar. “It was very quiet, immediate family only.”

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“The entire day was devoted to the boys, and they had a great time,” the insider continued. “Everything Phaedra does is for the boys, and she didn’t want any of the drama of the past year to impact their Christmas.”

Visiting Nida in prison for Christmas in Kentucky, “logistically just didn’t work out,” the source explained. “But Apollo did talk to the boys on the telephone on Christmas day.”


  1. Who wants to take the kids to jail on Christmas? Apollo should have left the thug life alone when he had the chance. No sympathy over here.

  2. I don’t think she did anything wrong. I’m sure she will take the kids to see him another time. Prison isn’t a happy place and that wasn’t the best day to take them. It’s bad enough their dad is in prison, but do they have to have a bad Christmas too? I think she made the right call.

    1. She actually didn’t…. I’d probably do the same thing. He is in there for 8 years . That’s still a long time for a child not to see their parent. Maybe as they grow older. It’s a sad situation.

  3. The only people I feel sorry for in this are the boys. They didn’t ask for any of this mess. Their mother made a choice to marry and sleep with a convict. You lay on the bed you make. Judging by the way Apollo exposed Pheadra during the first episodes, I came to the conclusion that she saw all the signs but got caught up with his good looks for the TV show. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for her but her kids!

    1. I think you fall in love with who you fall in love with. It’s easy to say negative things or be negative until it’s actually you and it’s even easier to say “I would never” until you are in it. I don’t judge anyone for who they choose or the decisions they make. Phaedra is not the first single mother and she certainly will not be the last single mother. I will say that Phaedra has taken the road to be a Mother to her kids since day one and that is to be a reckoned. A husband or wife can be doing all the right things and one day make a wrong decision, but you as the spouse or partner; will have to carry on and do what is best for the kids. Apollo will have to deal with his relationship with the boys once he decides to grow and maybe 8 years will be a growing event. In the meantime…Phaedra is doing her mommy thing and I for one love it.

  4. I’m not understanding why people are getting on Phaedra, Apollo is the one who f-cked up. All Phaedra is trying to do is look out for her children more than I can say about Apollo yet she is the one getting criticized.

    1. My thoughts exactly. So much judging! Apollo is no different from any other man or woman. People screw up all the time and sometimes multiple times. At some point they tend to get it right. At least that is all you can hope for.

  5. If the kids were really important to Apollo, he would not have gone back to steeling from people. So yeah…I’m on Phaedra’s side on this.

  6. I’m on Mrs Parks side….she did the right thing, her children come first. Apollo, should have sat his criminal mind @ down somewhere and spend his time doing something constructive and not destructive. The ball was in his court and he chose to do wrong… he got to deal with the consequences.

  7. I don’t think Phaedra should be shamed for marrying a felon. Some men get out of jail and they do really change. Apollo is 100% at fault for all of this. When you have children depending on you, you just have to let go of the criminal mindset.

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