Round Two: Kenya Moore and Tamar Braxton Twitter Beef, Again

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is no stranger to beefs and feuds, and her beef with Tamar Braxton originated after Tamar made it clear on “Watch What Happens Live” that she doesn’t like Kenya and she’s Team NeNe Leakes.

Last night Tamar tweeted about helping Kenya find a man and Kenya wasn’t too happy about it (screenshot obtained by The Media Snobs):

kenya and tamar twitter beef again


      1. Watch it Tamar Braxton: Kenya will throw some Shakespeare, Beowulf, and Canteberry Tales at you and leave you in the dust. You are out of your league.

        1. Oh please! “Book smart, ain’t Street smart”, that’s why Kenya needs her stans to help her “read”, and her a-s stays getting dragged literally, and figuratively.

          PS: It’s “Canterbury”! Learn to spell before you try to clown! Twirl on that!!!!

    1. All of them act like they are in high school. And for Tamar to be so booked like she says, she has way too much time on her hands. Now Kenya only does reality shows for a living, so I get why she lives on Twitter all day. Tamar should be too busy for this.

  1. I’m not a Tamar fan but she is where Kenya wishes she could be career wise. So I’m not sure why Kenya is trying to “throw shade” at people who are doing better than she is. I’ve always wondered why Kenya’s career never quite took off but I think I get it now. She doesn’t seem to know how to get along with people or how to deal with people who aren’t kissing her butt like her stans do.

    1. Her career never happened because she’s not a good actress and she doesn’t know how to network because she’s too busy Twitter beefing with people who can actually help her.

    1. Kenya may not have started it, but let’s not pretend Kenya doesn’t start a lot of ish too. She came on RHOA causing problems.

    2. Tamar only said she wasn’t a fan and Kenya attacked her on Twitter. That’s how this really started. Your fave can’t take it when people don’t worship her and instead praise Nene. That’s the real tea.

      1. You’re a hater. You know Kenya has a career. She’s one of the only women on RHOA who came on the show with one.

          1. You’ll be waiting all day. The only thing they give their fave Kenya credit for is her beauty. Even they don’t think she has much more to offer.

  2. I’d think people with more money would be less likely to indulge in such a waste of time and energy. But damn… so many “celebrities” are soooo basic. This is just stupid.

  3. Damn Kenya has got into it with everybody. Am I the only one crossing my fingers for her next beef to be with K Michelle? That would be epic.

  4. I don’t like Kenya but Tamar was wrong. She tweeted her and intended to be messy. For Tamar to have all she has going on (two reality shows, a music career and a talk show), she still always finds time to start mess with other women. She needs to grow up. ASAP.

    1. I wonder which one of y’all stans wrote that weak comeback for her? Cuz we all know Kenya is neither quick, nor can she read!

    2. I love y’all Team Twirl folks. Y’all keep me laughing on the regular because y’all really believe the BS y’all type. That’s dedication.

  5. I can’t stand Tamar plastic looking self and I’m no fan of Kenya like that sometimes! Tamar just rubs me in the wrong way.

  6. What the hell was Kenya trying to say? Essentially if you’re driving the car, you’re still riding it. Sorry, that just annoyed me.

    1. Watch it Tamar Braxton: Kenya will throw some Shakespeare, Beowulf, and Canteberry Tales at you and leave you in the dust. You are out of your league.

      1. Tamar ride can stay. That 1″ does nothing to a real woman. That b-tch career takes 36yrs to start, and bragging about fake complishhments. Tamar is so insecure…she need to worry about her melted face and delusional a-s.

        1. She’s still more accomplished ran Kenya’s washed up a-s, and that speaks volumes. Once again Kenya loses at life!

    1. Tamar Braxton’s sisters can’t stand her. Her own mother told her “I will slap the piss out of you!” She annoys Vince who has told her multiple times that her mouth gets her in trouble. What a brat! Tamar is the most unattractive of all of the Braxton sisters. I don’t understand all of this jealousy she has of Kenya Moore, the former Miss USA.

  7. Tamar needs to really stop with the Twitter beefs. She should be more concerned about how to stop her husband from embarrassing her on their boring show. He talks to her like a child and I get abusive teas from him.

  8. I really try to root for Tamar because I love her music and she’s got an amazing voice, but her personality is so ugly. She’s such a jealous and hateful human being. Kenya had every right to defend herself.

  9. When keeping it shady goes wrong. Tamar is going to have to stand by her shade and stop deleting tweets like a punk.

  10. “Queen of shade?” Nah, you can’t really throw shade at someone who’s doing better than you. Tamar won.

    Having said that, Tamar shouldn’t have said anything so I can’t ride for her on this.

  11. Can’t watch The Real, just because of Tamar. She has to be the most obnoxious, preening thing alive. And, she is so unattractive with that fake looking blond weave, wig or whatever that sht is on her head and her plastic looking face.

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