Dwyane Wade’s Baby Mama Sets the Record Straight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dwyane Wade soured the news of his engagement to Gabrielle Union by confirming he had fathered a baby outside of their relationship just days later in a press conference.

And while Gabby tries her hardest to pretend the child doesn’t exist, some are starting suspect D Wade is too.

However, D Wade’s baby mama Aja says he’s actually very involved in his son’s life and she thinks he’s a great father.

The revelation came after Aja responded to a troll on Instagram (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

d wade baby mama


    1. I think she’s just still hurting about everything that happened and the only way she can look herself in the mirror while married to him is to pretend the baby never happened.

    2. She needs to get over it. She married this man knowing damn well he had a baby on her. If it pissed her off that much she should not have married him.

    3. But he can though. His wife ain’t going nowhere. She will never leave that man. He’s her last chance and she knows it. She always wanted a NBA player.

  1. Good sh-t. So when is his salty stepmother going to acknowledge he’s alive and sh-t? Because according to her, D Wade only has three sons.

  2. Oh yes he is a good father because he is writing her those checks. I still feel bad through the kid is being dragged like this. He didn’t ask for any of this. I would suggest she keeps her instagrAm private..

    1. Right. I don’t understand how some people are mad at the baby. He didn’t conceive himself. D Wade did what he wanted while he was in a relationship. Shouldn’t they be trolling his IG instead?

  3. The mother could care less if Dwade is involved or not as long as she keeps getting paid. I honestly have a feeling D wade is paying her to zip it so she wouldn’t trash him in the media. That boy would be all over Dwade’s Instagram if he really was involved and wasn’t ashamed! The reason that Gabby or Dwade don’t want to publicly claim the boy is because they are ashamed that he was a result of an infidelity that they are denying!

    1. And my guess is since Aja was in their circle she might have some things that she knows about the couple or Dwade might have told her things about Gabby not knowing things will blow up on me.. Chick is getting paid to hush!

    1. Lmbo. I was thinking the same thing. But it could actually be one of her mentally ill stans who actually buys her sham of a marriage. Some people really believe in what D Wade and Gabby are selling.

  4. He probably does take care of the child in private but he isn’t being the visible proud father he claims to be like he is with his 2 sons and his nephew though it speaks volumes. It’s something to be said about a woman who has an opinion and got so much to say about everything but is purposely ignoring an innocent child but I’m sleep though.

  5. The fact that Gab keeps acting like the baby is invisible is proof that Aja didn’t get pregnant while they were “on a break”.

  6. I’m surprised he allowed her on Instagram. I mean he has his ex wife out here hiding and banned from giving interviews.

  7. And to think, all of this could have been avoided if he would have kept his junk in his pants. Good luck with that Gabby.

  8. This is why I always shake my head when D Wade and Gabrielle try to present this perfect and family image. The man can’t even put this child on his Christmas cards because he has a lie to keep going. Sad all around.

  9. I’m waiting for the day she confirms he knocked her up while he was Gabby and there was no break. You know, the obvious.

  10. Of course he takes care of his child. That’s never been up for debate. The problem is that wife of his. She wants him to pretend this child isn’t his blood too. He has to be a dad to him when she’s not around. They are starting their marriage off on the wrong footing.

  11. So trolling Aja is what Gabrielle Union does in her spare time. Be mad at your husband girl. He’s the one who was in a relationship with you when he decided to impregnate her.

  12. She never should have accepted his proposal or went through with the marriage if she didn’t/couldn’t accept this child. There’s an 18 year MINIMUM that he’ll be obligated to this child. She can’t put on the happy blended family face with his older children while disregarding his youngest. No one would even be as critical of them if they didn’t always post family photos. If she’s still working through it then stay off IG or refrain from posting that kind of stuff altogether. They look real messy.

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