Raz B Has Had Enough

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former B2K singer Raz B made some serious allegations against Chris Stokes and Marques Houston, and it’s pretty clear the whole situation is one of the main reasons his former band mates have distanced themselves from him.

Although Stokes and Houston denied there’s any truth to Raz’s claims, Raz is more fed up with people labeling him gay since he’s allegedly a victim of sexual abuse.

He posted the following to Instagram recently:

raz b instagram

raz b instagram 2


    1. Lies associated with his accusations? I’m asking because I’m not familiar with the history of this aside from his claims that he was molested.

      1. Sorry for the late reply hon. But I’m talking about when he said he had a book coming out that detailed everything and it also was supposed to have some stuff on Chris Brown in it. It later came out that no book is coming out and he never got a publishing deal. I do think he’s telling the truth about Chris Stokes though.

        1. Oh ok. I had to ask that before gathering my thoughts lol. Didn’t want to defend him or agree with what he said if he’d been inconsistent in the past.

  1. People can sometimes be so insensitive when it comes to serious matters; being a sexual abuse survivor I know exactly what Raz B is going through. It takes courage to speak out on abuse and your abusive out of fear of no one believing you and the humiliation you may face. When someone abuses or sexually assaults their victim it is about control and sometimes humiliation. I know when I was abused and tried to speak out on it at the age of 10; my aunt, older sister, and Grandmother victim shamed me. SO for years I had to deal with the after affects of the abuse; and still to this day when someone violates my personal space or boundaries w/out permission I feel raped all over again; so imagine how Raz B must feel when he is being attacked and he is the victim. It takes courage to open up about that bc we carry a certain shame around especially if it is not handled correctly. Raz B is on a major platform and in the public eye so the backlash can do more damage. That is why people and people of color especially have regressed over the years bc we take certain matters so lightly that’s why a lot of victims suffer in silence and the perpetrator gets away with crime. My family handled what happened to me so badly I was forced to be around this creep for more years where the abuse continued; when he got sick and could no longer visit; I felt like a millstone had been lifted off my neck. I felt free. I commend Raz B for coming forward and speaking out again Chris Stokes. Only the two of them and God knows what happened; I believe him bc why put yourself at risk for backlash that on a public platform. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. I do hope he seeks some form of therapy regardless of what happened, what people don’t understand is that abuse in any form can f*ck up your life and do some major damage. I know how I was as a teenager after that happened and it was not pretty. I was in agony and depression all the time and lashed out regularly at my family bc I felt like they didn’t protect me and then blamed me. Happy healing Raz B.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Even being healed or still in the process of healing I know that can be a difficult/uncomfortable thing to do.

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