Emily B Confirms Pregnancy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Emily B and Fabolous are still very much together, and it’s been rumored for a good minute now that the couple is expecting another child together.

While Emily and Fab have been mum on the rumors, she did take to Instagram to confirm that she is indeed pregnant hours ago.

She posted the following and showed off her growing baby bump:

emily b instagram

emily b instagram 2


  1. This picture is symbolic of why Emily has never left Fab alone and never will. She loves the lifestyle he gives her way too much to go. He can slang the D to as many hoes as he wants, she will still be around. This is Karreuche in about two years.

  2. She is perfectly fine with having children without a real commitment from him and to add insult to injury he won’t even stay faithful tuh. She has already made up in her mind that this is as good as it will ever get for her. This is the example she is setting for her teenage daughter. Anyways Happy New Year!!!

  3. Children are a blessing so congrats to them. But it’s sad to see women damn near begging for a commitment and settling for someone that’ll share a child with you forever instead of marrying you. Isn’t having a child with someone more of a commitment than marrying them? Cause if dude would rather do that….that’s a big red flag and you should take a hint.

  4. Well she’s Spanish and they do anything for their man and take all types of headaches and disrespect lol…..which is why Fab ain’t tryna do that shyt wit a black chick….cuz he knw WE not going for it…..gotta treat us like the Queens WE are. Won’t Neva get a ring out of these fools if u don’t have restrictions on how much u give to them

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