Blac Chyna Trolls Kylie Jenner?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you months ago that a little birdie told us Amber Rose and Blac Chyna were teaming up to troll the Kardashian and Jenner crew as a result of what went down with Kanye, Wiz and Tyga. And now it appears the new duo will carry their agenda right into the new year.

Not too long after 2015 made its debut, Blac Chyna posted the following to Instagram before deleting it quickly:

blac chyna instagram

Kylie and Tyga were also in Vegas together at the time Chyna posted the now deleted photo.


  1. She’s probably still f-cking him. But what Kylie and the rest of her THOT siblings don’t understand that “taking” someone’s man doesn’t prevent them from still f-cking the chick you “took” them from.

  2. She’s dumb as hell if she’s still letting him hit. He left her for a 17 year old. I wouldn’t even let him in my house after that.

  3. All of this is childish as hell. Ex stripper baby mommas teaming up to take down a family of THOTS, all over wack a-s men. LOL.

  4. First of all why is she trying to compete with a child for a this man affection. Secondly why would you even still want a man who is willing to have a relationship with a child.

  5. Some of these young women don’t know how to play the game. You don’t compete with any woman over a man. And if you want to make your ex seethe, you do it by moving on to the next. Tyga would lose his mind if Chyna got herself a man who has his stuff together and he’d be real heated if she started making some serious money on her own. People get mad when they see you doing good and when you show them you don’t need them.

  6. The best revenge is happiness and success. Amber and Chyna need to just stop. Tyga and Wiz remain unfazed.

  7. I like Blac Chyna but she’s too naive for her own good. She needs to let Tyga have his little THOT teenage girlfriend and move on with her life. They’ll crash and burn eventually like they all do when they mess with that family.

  8. Chyna and Amber don’t know how to get even. If you really want to stick it to the Kardashians, you get in circles they can’t get in. Let’s face it. Kim can get 5 more Vogue covers, but she’ll never be taken seriously because of that sex tape and she’s always naked. Amber is more liked so she needs to get a real modeling contract and get the designers Kim can’t get. And Chyna needs to get the men Kylie can’t. That’s how you get even.

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