Usher Beats a Man up Over Grace?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Usher has made it clear in recent interviews that he’s completely happy with his lady-love and manager Grace Miguel, and sources claim the happy couple even got engaged not too long ago quietly.

So it shouldn’t surprise folks that the R&B singer reportedly got into a fight at a club recently to defend her honor.

Fameolous writes:

Singer Usher got into a club fight in Miami allegedly over a guy disrespecting his soon to be wife Grace Miguel. According to sources, the guy was totally out of line and wanted Usher’s attention but Usher ignored him. And when the guy couldn’t get Usher’s attention, he decided to attack Usher’s wife with nasty words. According to insiders, this is when Usher somehow got through security and gave the guy a four piece.


Usher confirmed something went down at the club by posting the following to his Instagram account:

usher instagram


  1. I don’t mind Usher getting in a kerfuffle as a result of defending his lady, but posting it on IG? If anyone tries to sue this could be a bad move on his part.

  2. I can never get mad at a man for defending someone he loves. But I do agree with D Val and others who question why he posted this picture to Instagram. It may bite him in the butt later.

  3. Adding in my 2cents and agreeing wit every1 else he can defend his lady all day…..but y did he have to throw this pic up on IG???

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