Foxy Brown Takes Shots at Ashanti

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ashanti is no stranger to Twitter drama, and she’s even had to get one of her followers together after they clowned her most recent album sales.

Regardless, she has now found some social media drama with rapper Foxy Brown because she recently posted a photo of herself hanging out with Foxy’s former fiance.

When one of Foxy’s fans notified her of the photo, Foxy didn’t hold back (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

ashanti dragged by foxy brown main


  1. Foxy is such a childish broad. The engagement is over b-tch. He’s moving on and has a right to smash Ashanti’s cakes if he wants to.

  2. I’m not understanding why she came for Ashanti. Is the relationship not over? If so, she has no reason to be mad at anyone.

  3. Foxy Brown needs to sit her weave stealing a** down. When a relationship ends do these females really think the men aren’t going to move on?? Jesus Christ some ppl are so pathetic. Anyway Ashanti looks like a fan more than anything else here. Damn, females are always beefing over some pathetic s**t.


    1. My first and only thought when I looked at this…that she was just excited about being in his presence… Smh

  4. Seeing as they’re both washed up, I think they should put more energy into saving what’s left of their careers instead.

  5. This is the same woman who has a violent past and actually assaulted her nail tech with a cellphone. If I was Ashanti, I’d just block her crazy tail and keep it moving. She’s always had issues.

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