Ashanti Responds to Foxy Brown Diss

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ashanti was minding her business when rapper Foxy Brown came for her on Instagram the other day, and it all went down because the rapper was furious Ashanti snapped a photo of herself cheesing up with Foxy’s ex fiancé and posted it to her account.

Even though many assumed the photo was harmless, it didn’t stop Foxy from calling out Ashanti and even asking Ashanti’s notable ex Nelly to DM her.

Ashanti responded subliminally on Twitter by cosigning one of her fan’s tweets:

ashanti responds to foxy brown

ashanti twitter


  1. Now I agree Foxy is a looney bird who hasn’t been relevant in 20 years, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves Ashanti. You’re washed up too.

  2. Her and her stans can’t be serious. I think Foxy and Ashanti both had some good runs, but can either go there? Level? They’re on the same level right now. No one is checking for either one of them like that. IJS.

    1. Yeah, I’m kind of drawing a blank too. I like Ashanti and Foxy shouldn’t have started this so I will keep it cute and just exit.

  3. And this is the problem with having delusional stans. They only make their fave delusional too. Now Foxy was wrong and I think most of us said that on the last post. But Ashanti needs to be trying to figure out how she can get out of the slump herself. Not trying to make fun of someone who lost favor in the industry too. TBH, they are both on the same level right about now.

  4. I love it. And y’all please stop trying to shade my boo. Ashanti’s album sales as a whole are impressive. She still has the biggest album first week numbers for a new artist. And she’s the third best selling R&B female artist after Beyonce and Alicia Keys. That’s something no one can take away from her. Foxy never had that kind of success.

  5. Ashanti flying all around the world, chillin & performing in dubai like every other week. Foxy Brown really not on Ashanti’s level.. not saying Ashanti’s level is so much of a higher level, but it’s true.

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