Azealia Banks Has Some Words for Kendrick Lamar

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Hours ago a Billboard interview with Kendrick Lamar caused a ruckus on social media because the Compton emcee told Iggy Azalea’s critics to leave her alone and he also had some rather controversial words for the Mike Brown and Eric Garner protestors.

However, Azealia Banks is even more controversial and she took to Twitter to give her two cents on Kendrick’s interview (read tweets from bottom to top):

azealia banks twitter 2

azealia banks twitter


  1. Honestly she’s right. You might not like her delivery but it doesn’t take away from the facts. I’m also so so disappointed in Kendrick Lamar. I can’t believe it.

  2. Go Azealia Banks I am with you, I always embraced my race, I love me and growing up I Never knew our rich American history, the history books don’t even touch on the vast accomplishments of the freed slaves, how we prospered and built our own, and the white folks destroy it. All we know is slavery and we are 2nd hand citizens.

  3. Damn. I really hate Kendrick said what he did because a lot of people will never look at him the same. I just thought he was smarter and more in tune with his people. Oh well.

  4. And they will give Iggy a Grammy just because Azealia is telling the truth and they can’t shut her up or intimidate her.

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