Kenya Moore Isn’t Happy with Lupita Nyong’o

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore says she wants to make a return to acting, but in the meantime she’s using Twitter to call out a popular black Oscar-winning actress.

Apparently Kenya wasn’t happy Lupita Nyong’o declined taking a photo with her at a Golden Globes party.

Read tweets from top to bottom (tweets obtained by Candiest):

kenya moore lupita nyongo


  1. The f-ck? Did Kenya’s dumb a-s really try to shade Lupita for only needing two movies to get an Oscar while her 55 year old a-s hasn’t been able to even get speaking lines in any of the movies she didn’t pay for? Straight to DVD b-tches and their delusions.

  2. And this is why Kenya’s acting career never took off and never will. All the time they spend talking about how NeNe is the mean girl on the show, at least NeNe understands that you don’t bring that RHOA crap over into Hollywood when you’re trying to get on. Kenya can’t even get along with the people she should be networking with. She keeps calling NeNe an untamed beast, but NeNe has enough sense not to fight with those who are where she is trying to be. Kenya isn’t as smart as she claims.

    1. She’s honestly shown from day one that she doesn’t get along with other women like that. I know Bravo is trying to rewrite history by bringing in Claudia and co but it is what it is.

      1. Wait till Claudia and her corns cross her, then it’s going to be on! Kenya doesn’t “do” women friends – she just doesn’t!

  3. If Kenya had sense she’d consider that it had nothing to do with Lupita lacking humility, but rather herself lacking a credible and respectable reputation. Everybody isn’t moved by these reality stars. I don’t blame Lupita.

  4. And this is what happens when you let your rabid stans convince you to start believing the hype they created. Lupita didn’t have to take a picture with Kenya if she didn’t want to. And I bet she’s glad she didn’t now.

  5. Kenya can’t be upset though. She knew this was one of the risks of becoming a reality star. When people only know you for fighting with other women on TV and being trashy, they don’t want to be associated with you. I said this many times and I’ll say it again. One of the biggest mistakes Kenya could have ever made is agreeing to do RHOA. Her brand will never recover.

  6. B-tch YOU ain’t humble now. How dare you get your ashy a-s on national TV and call other black women beasts and animals and then get mad when a black woman with substance doesn’t f-ck with your sellout a-s. Girl twirl your self hating a-s out of here.

  7. I love when Kenya exposes herself like this. She’s a very jealous person. Everything she says about Nene is just projection of who she really is herself. She’d give her left arm to be in Lupita’s shoes. She wanted to take a picture with Lupita so she could put it on IG and make her stupid stans think she’s somebody important. Lupita made the right choice.

  8. She’s just mad Lupita is younger, more beautiful and more successful than she will ever be. And I’m sure Lupita still spoke and turned her down in a classy way. Grow up Kenya. People don’t have to take pictures with you.

  9. First of all, who the hell told Ashy that Lupita even knew who she was? As far as Lupita was concerned, she was probably some desperate, stalker, wannabe-actress who ducked security. I wouldn’t take a pic with her trifling a-s either!

  10. So uncalled for. For all we know, Lupita has never watched the show a day in her life and she didn’t know who she was. Why is Kenya always so prepared to be catty with people?

  11. Kenya has every right to be mad. Lupita got the big head and she hasn’t even had that many roles yet. She won’t be relevant in a couple of years.

    1. LOL. Let’s say Lupita never gets another role again. She will still have an Oscar and the respect of her peers…two things Kenya doesn’t have. I mean y’all will put down anyone to defend this basic broad. Who will y’all go after next? Michelle Obama?

    2. Yo, is there some kind of contest going on with y’all Kenya stans to see who can type the dumbest ish of all time? You need to go on Google and see for yourself what Lupita has lined up. She’s good. Your fave is the struggling “actress” here, not Lupita.

  12. Kenya loves Lupita and before this happened, she would stan for her all the time on Twitter. She tweeted this because she’s hurt. She even deleted the first tweet because she knew it was mean. Y’all give her a break. For once. Smh.

    1. No, she probably deleted that tweet because she wanted to minimize the potential backlash after making such a childish and petty comment. Tell your hero this isn’t RHOA.

  13. She wanted to be a polarizing figure on reality shows, well here’s the ugly consequence of that. People do Kim the same way. That’s why it’s best to make something out of yourself with hard work and talent. Not by exploiting yourself for some TV network.

  14. Kenya’s comment about Lupita’s two movies leads me to believe she was never really a fan and only followed the crowd. Fact is, if it truly went down like this, Lupita reminded Kenya that she is but a small fish in a big pond outside of RHOA.

    I’m starting to understand why her “career” never went beyond 2 feet above ground.

  15. I don’t understand reality stars. They provide nothing but trash to the public for consumption, but still want to be cool with those with talent and get their respect. Why? Why should I respect someone who acts a fool for a living?

  16. It’s soooo much irony here. Remember how Kenya and her stans were looking their noses down on people and saying how everyone else on the show is classless, ghetto and lesser than? Well how does it feel Team Twirl? Now that you’re on the receiving end of the possible turned down nose, are you mad? LOL.

  17. I bet she would have taken a picture with Kenya pre-RHOA. Believe it or not, a lot of black women are disgusted with the show right about now. I mean look at how they treat each other.

  18. Kenya was never a real fan of Lupita’s. She just hopped on the bandwagon for attention and thought it would at least result in a photo op.

  19. Man it’s been a bad week for Team Pretty as they call themselves. Claudia is still getting dragged for the dark skinned comment, Demetria has replaced Porsha as the laughing stock and now Kenya is getting dragged in the white media for coming for Lupita over a picture.

  20. This was very stupid on Kenya’s part. Kenya is the one trying to develop a legitimate acting career but every single time you read about her it’s about her fighting with other women. She’s basically trapped herself into the role of a catty and messy person…who wants to book someone like that for legit acting roles? And the part that really hurts her is her inability to get along with other women doesn’t just stop with RHOA. That is why I believe Nene has already surpassed her resume. Nene can get along with other women and network outside of her reality show persona, Kenya cannot.

  21. I don’t like NeNe but I’m starting to see that it’s not just NeNe who really can’t stand women who are more successful than her, it’s Kenya who has that problem as well. She won’t even admit that NeNe’s time on Broadway is a very big deal. She shaded that too. And look how quickly she tried to downplay Lupita’s success over a picture. Kenya is a very bitter and jealous person.

  22. She really need to leave that ghetto bird brain behavior for RHOA. She first has to get along to play along with Hollyweird. Yes Lupita only made two movies but guess what, she got her Oscar! Kenya always wants to talk about everyone hates on her but I guess its okay for her to do it. This is why I have not watched RHOA this season. I see why the ratings are dropping fast!

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