Watch ‘Light Girls’ Trailer + Raven-Symoné Angers #BlackLivesMatter Protestors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN plans to followup with the success of “Dark Girls” with a “Light Girls” documentary, and already the upcoming movie is getting backlash and causing plenty debate in the black community.

Raven-Symoné made an appearance in the documentary and she recalls tanning just so she could have darker skin for her projects.

She says:

“When I had my own show [‘That’s So Raven’], I used to tan three or four times a week in a tanning bed to get darker. It’s funny, one of the lighting guys came up — I love him to death; I love him, oh my goodness — he goes, ‘Raven, I need you to stop tanning. You’re getting too dark, and we have to re-light the whole entire show.”

“Light Girls” premieres on OWN Jan. 19. Check out a preview below:


In related news, Raven got lots of backlash on Instagram after she posted this:

raven symone instagramraven symone instagram 2


In the caption she claims #AllLivesMatter is a song she’s promoting for a friend, but many feel it’s a veiled dig at the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


  1. Raven has turned into a huge disappointment. All she’s doing is hurting the progress of the protests by doing this.

  2. Well of course her corny a-s would say All Lives Matter sh-t she doesn’t even like to label herself as African American/Black. She wants to pretend the world is colorless. They will remind her she’s a black woman eventually and she’ll be begging black people to have her back. That’s how it always happens.

  3. I really want to see this because some people don’t realize that light skinned chicks have issues with their complexion as well. I have no words for Raven absolutely none.

  4. If all lives matter, black people wouldn’t be out here getting slaughtered by cops. You can tell she’s very delusional.

  5. It’s really unfortunate what we as Black people and more specifically, Black women have to deal with. As interesting as these shows and perspectives can be, they make me equally as sad. I’m sure other races have their own hurdles, but none seem as…persistent and crippling as ours; Effecting self-image and self-worth. How we relate and compare to each other. I can’t even come down on Raven. Her view is so distorted I feel more sympathy for her than outrage. She tries to come off as being so enlightened but I see a person who’s lost. In a few years I’m sure she’ll be singing a different tune. Life will do that to you.

  6. A lot of black celebrities like Raven are so clueless because they think their money and fame protects them from going through the struggles most black people go through. But she will see one day that her fame and money can’t really protect her.

  7. I’m disappointed and then I’m not raven is half white and she doesn’t understand the complete black experience. One minute she’s not black then one minute she’s mad. If she don’t wanna be black then don’t but don’t knock people who are trying to make things better for black people not half white non black people.

    Lives do matter all of them but they are not treated the same so she’s reiterating something that doesn’t apply to the situation. She just sounds confused and upset about race relations from a mixed up person poker of view.

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