Chris Brown Wants You to Know…

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown was considered the next Michael Jackson thanks to his impressive dance moves and catchy music before he assaulted Rihanna and then tacked on numerous legal problems since, but Chris wants his fans to know that he’s still on track to become legendary.

He tweeted the following hours ago and caused quite the ruckus (read from top to bottom):

chris brown twitter

chris brown twitter 2


  1. I don’t mind him having confidence in himself but I don’t like the fact that he completely left out Usher. Usher has done things Chris may never do. He has a classic album, sells out stadiums and arenas, and has always been an amazing performer. And I don’t doubt that Usher is one of the people Chris looked up to. So why leave him out?

  2. This is laughable. Not only did he leave out Prince, but he left out Usher too. And let’s be real here. Chris will never come close to MJ. Where are his classic hits? And the last time I saw him perform on TV he was out of breath and had to lip sync because he smokes too much.

  3. There was much more to James Brown and Michael Jackson than dancing. They actually changed music forever while Chris just goes along with the trends. And Chris also needs to work on his vocals and song writing skills if he wants to be in the same lane as the people he tweeted about. When your biggest song to date is These Hoes Ain’t Loyal, you need to rethink some things.

  4. He could have been but now he will never be because of his temper and behavioral problems. And I agree about Usher. He should have been named before Chris.

  5. The timing of this though. A couple of days ago Usher tweeted a picture of MJ and said he will always be the king. And now this. Hmm…Lol.

  6. Musically Chris can’t even touch Usher in his prime. When Usher was on top, he was unstoppable. JT was able to dim him shine some because of white privilege though.

  7. Chris hasn’t done anything to be considered a legend. He has no classic album and no single that stands out to me. And this ratchet music he’s putting out now doesn’t cut it.

  8. Chris is without a doubt one of the best performers of his generation. Now I do think he could have added Usher before himself, but whatever.

  9. So we’re just naming male legends? He can’t even compete with his female peers. TBH Chris hasn’t even surpassed MJB, Janet Jackson or Beyonce. Please.

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