Amber Rose Slams Critics of Risqué Photos

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose has been getting it popping on Instagram for the last several days, and the newly divorced MILF is still getting lots of interesting reactions for her latest swimsuit photos.

While many praised Amber’s body and sex appeal, others were outraged because they feel it’s inappropriate for a mother to post such photos to social media.

Amber isn’t happy with the criticism, so she slammed her critics hours ago:

amber rose instagram

amber rose instagram 2


    1. Thank you!! In the pictures taken by the paps she had lots of cellulite on her legs and she looked at least 15 pounds heavier. But if she was Kim, blogs would have dragged her. Amber always gets a pass.

      1. People drag Kim because she never owns her hoe ways. She keeps posing naked and then cries about it later like she doesn’t get a kick out of doing it. B-tch just did yet another mag cover with no clothes on. Amber does her and doesn’t pretend to be a victim later.

        1. But my point is Amber and Kim are essentially the same, yet one is loved on here and the other is dragged just for breathing. It’s hypocritical.

          1. Girl people do not have to stan for Kim. I don’t like the b-tch because she is a compulsive liar, wins off white privilege alone, and uses black people to get ahead. B-ch is out here lying about going on double dates with Bey and Jay Z too. F-ck her and her whole family.

        1. Kim and her family just know how to play the game. If they didn’t pay the blogs to cover them, they would have been forgotten about by now. They do what they have to do to stay relevant. They are smart.

          1. They know how to play the game? F-ck that. They aren’t strategizing sh-t. There is nothing complex or difficult about what they do. They are frauds and cheat their way to relevance. And when you start to forget about them Kim releases pictures of her beat up p-ss again for some low budget magazine. They don’t deserve to be admired.

  1. Don’t get me wrong Amber has a bangin body it’s not so much as her being a mother but she is being super thirsty she definitely wants the attention but it’s her not me so do you boo.

  2. Amber seems like a cool chick but she’s being very thirsty as of late. You can tell she’s trying to get wifed up again. LOL.

  3. If she was skinny, this would be a non issue. People get so offended when a woman has big boobs, curves and a nice a-s.

    1. Thank you! That’s what I was telling my friend. Gabrielle Union, Teraji Henson and to name a few have posed almost nude for magazines but nobody called them hoes. The girl has curves and this is what she has been doing all her life.

      1. Well see I think you named women who made it via hard work not their body or on their backs…which is probably why folks aren’t judging them.

  4. It’s her body so she can do what she pleases. But let’s not pretend like she’s not doing this to get another sponsor.

  5. I’ve got no problem with folks posting their bodies on social media, but I do get salty when they act like you can’t have an opinion. Once it’s posted, the pic and you are subject to folks opinions. Don’t like the backlash? Don’t post it!

    1. You are right to a certain degree but if those people don’t like the photos and they know her history then why follow her in the first place?

  6. I like her because She owns her past and keeps it moving. She doesn’t pretend to be someone she is not and that’s why people gravitate towards her than Kim. Kanye himself confessed infront of his fans that she was a nice girl.

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