Shade? TLC Talks Beyonce, Rihanna and Music Superstars of the Past

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

TLC’s (in particularly T-Boz’s) past public “misunderstanding” with Rihanna ended in Twitter beefs and fan wars, all because the group made some interesting comments about Rihanna’s choice in clothing.

Eventually T-Boz and Chilli would go on to say their words were misconstrued and they felt the media was just trying to create some drama with Rihanna.

But now the Navy and even the BeyHive are questioning if the group’s most recent interview with Idolator is indeed shade to two of the biggest black artists of today.

Here are the excerpts:

Obviously you are a timeless group, but do you look to anyone of today for inspiration? Like a Rihanna, for example.
T-BOZ: No, absolutely none whatsoever. You know why? We’ve always been trendsetters and we’ve always had our own lane.
CHILI: And what they do wouldn’t even fit with us.
T-BOZ: We don’t dance in heels, we’re not girly. No disrespect because I like their stuff, but that’s just not us. We have our own sound, and that’s what I love about this group. I’d just like to keep it that way. But if I was to look at someone, it would probably be a Michael Jackson or somebody who has been known to change the world. Not who’s hot today.
CHILI: Everybody, including us to a degree, all have learned something from Michael Jackson.
T-BOZ: He was a game-changer. Being hot and being a game-changer are two separate things. So I’m looking at people who change the game, and that’s really the artists from back in the day.

The reason I asked that is because I see so many legendary artists trying to make a comeback, and they just latch on to the hype.
T-BOZ: We’ll never chase sounds or anything, ever.
CHILI: And the only reason why the J. Cole collaboration happened was because he reached out to us. We had to hear the song first, and it was an amazing record no matter who honestly sung the hook — it would still be a hit. But the fact that he was really talking about something that’s very relevant, he was speaking our language. It [“Crooked Smile”] was like the guy version of “Unpretty,” so it was a perfect fit. Now I will say this, because he wants to work with us too, I really hope that could be a collaboration.
T-BOZ: He’s a great producer and songwriter! Today I just think lyrical content and things of substance is missing overall in the industry. There used to be way more superstars back in the day than there are now. Now they’re sprinkled here and there. Like Beyonce is doing well and Rihanna has great songs, but you don’t hear about great superstars like how it used to be.


Now we didn’t detect any shade but you be the judge.

In related news, the group’s Kickstarter campaign was a huge success. They reached their $150,000 goal in just three days.


  1. I agree UB I don’t think this was shade per say, but am annoyed that these two keep coming for the only two black women who are currently on top. They are never this critical of the white artists, and I remember vividly how hard T-Boz went for Miley Cyrus. I have a problem with that. And people are going to have to move on and accept that Beyonce and Rihanna will without a doubt be talked about as generational music icons. Stop hating and respect it.

  2. Now, I know they have their fans, but that right there is why I don’t f-ck with this version of TLC. Yes, MJ was/is great, but why diminish anyone else’s success? Beyonce and Rihanna are going to have their own prominent place in history just like TLC will. That shade, yes it was shade, was totally unnecessary. F-ck them and that new album. Y’all go ahead and buy it, I won’t be.

    1. I don’t think the album will even do well. They keep talking down to younger artists so that’s half the people that could have bought the album right there being turned off.

  3. I’m tired of these two. Let’s go ahead and call a spade a f-cking spade. The only reason they were ever successful in the first f-cking place is because of Left Eye. She is the only one in that group who had any actual talent. And before she died she realized that T-Boz and Chilli were catty leeches and she’d be better off solo. But that fact was conveniently left out in that biopic. And last but not least, T-Boz and Chilli can’t even write songs. The hits they had were written by Left Eye or some other writer. So let’s not even talk about lyrics. And wasn’t it just revealed a year ago that T-Boz and Chilli don’t even use their own backup vocals? Yeah LaFace had to hire background singers to sing their own songs because neither one of them can sing. So they need to shut the hell up. I like them and they had good songs but they are delusional as f-ck with massive chips on their shoulders. And they were a manufactured group and brand. They didn’t think of anything they did on their own. It was either Left Eye’s ideas or the LaFace heads that gave them the image they ran with it. They aren’t even the best selling girl group of all time. That’s the f-cking Spice Girls.

  4. Did I not tell y’all back when the Rihanna/TLC thing happened that TBoz and Chilli are bitter and low-key jealous of Rih and Bey? Now y’all see. They are mad that Bey and Rih will surpass them. And the nerve of them trying to use Michael to shade them. That is so dirty.

  5. When it’s all said and done, Beyonce and Rihanna will be more remembered and more celebrated than TLC. And that’s a fact. Now let me get out of here before I get in my feelings.

  6. There will never be another MJ. He will always be the best entertainer of all time. But they need to sit the hell down talking like Beyonce ain’t no damn superstar. She is known worldwide and by multiple generations. Rihanna too and she hasn’t been around as long. You can’t say the same about TLC.

  7. It was definitely shade and it was uncalled for and I already was feeling some kinda way about TLC anyway about that album funding. They could have got that album funded without begging you have real people out here with cancer or lost loved ones who need real financial help. I’m so glad I didn’t spend any money to fund that album.

  8. And what was so groundbreaking and iconic about TLC? Wearing their clothes backwards? Or wearing condoms on their overalls? I only liked Left Eye anyway.

  9. Very unnecessary. They should have not answered the question or been more respectful. I don’t like how some older artists feel they have a right to talk down to the younger ones. Face it, even if you don’t like the music out now, some of these artists will be labeled as icons and legends about 20 years from now. You don’t have to like it but it’s going to happen. And I love TLC but their success has been topped by Beyonce and Rihanna. I’m not sure why they are salty because Rih and Bey have never did anything to them. But they keep shading them on Twitter and in interviews. Like get over yourselves.

  10. I can’t stand music lovers and artists who constantly look down on people doing it today. There’s this air of arrogance that isn’t warranted.

    1. The funny thing is Michael wasn’t even a snob like that to younger artists. He always showed love. Why can’t his stans do the same? Not all of them. Just the snobby ones.

  11. I’m not even going to go in. Why? It won’t change anything. Beyonce and Rihanna are still winning and T-Boz and Chilli need Kickstarter to make an album.

    1. This. And Left Eye actually developed relationships with younger artists and tried to look out for them. Not shade them.

  12. If we’re going to keep comparing everyone to Michael Jackson, then we will only have one legend in the history of music…Michael. He’s not the only one who brought something special to music. Let Rihanna and Beyonce have their moments.

  13. Oh the irony. When they were on the scene at first, the legends they speak of didn’t think they had talent and couldn’t see them lasting. They also felt they were very gimmicky and manufactured. Now we are calling them legends. My point is you never know what an artist will be considered 20 years later. They should know that better than anyone. And for that reason alone, they shouldn’t look down on anyone younger.

    1. This comment is the best one on here IMO. I remember when TLC first came out. The old folks said they couldn’t sing and T-Boz’s voice was described as a boy going through puberty. Their dancing was nothing to write home about either. But they had Left Eye (who I feel was the most talented person in TLC) and good songs they didn’t even write. I’m not sure why they think they are in a position to shade anyone. And to be honest, the legends actually respect Beyonce and Rihanna more than TLC. LOL. So there’s that.

  14. these ho’s begging money and talking shyt about people who are successful at what they do.. they will never talk salty about white artist.

  15. I’m a little late to the party but I’ll add my two cents. T-Boz hasn’t liked Beyonce since Destiny’s Child was pushing out albums. Her issue with Bey goes back to the fact that she’s still bitter DC ended up selling more albums than TLC. And yes, I’m not talking about shipments. Wikipedia counts shipments. I’m talking about actual album sales. DC has sold more albums and it pissed off T-Boz because she didn’t think it would happen. And I want to be sure we all know the Dixie Chicks are the best selling American girl group of all time. So that’s her reason for not liking Bey or anyone else in DC. As far as Rih goes, they don’t like her because she wouldn’t tolerate their verbal jabs. They feel she doesn’t respect them because she called them out. But Rih had every right to call them out. They are bitter and they need to chill out.

  16. I noticed a lot of people like to bring up Michael to discredit today’s artists. And that’s BS because there will never be another Michael. And T-Boz needs to stop the foolishness. Beyonce has made an impact on the industry. Hell now she has changed the way people release albums. She started the trend of the surprise album and made history as the fastest selling digital album of all time. The whole world stopped when she dropped that album. Let’s not forget she’s someone a lot of artists look up to as well. And Rihanna has surpassed Madonna in hits. Please believe she’s just getting started. Both Bey and Rih deserve their props. They too have impacted music.

  17. Please. They treated Left Eye like sh-t when she was alive. They stabbed her in the back plenty all because they were jealous of her. I’m not surprised they are doing the same sh-t to Beyonce and Rihanna.

  18. And who really cares? Rih is about to shut the game down with this new album. Enjoy your kick starter funded album tho. Lmao.

  19. This shouldn’t be the type of interview they do when they’ve resorted to asking fans to pay for their album… They need to reevaluate a few things; talking as though they’re STILL on the top of their game. The same broads that asked for a Rav 4. FOH.

  20. The same “fans” who supposedly helped to fund this farce are the same “fans” who didn’t support their last album and probably still won’t be buying T-Boz & Chilli’s deal of the day on Groupon. The world has not been waiting with bated breath to hear another TLC project so it wouldn’t be surprising if this was nothing more than a write-off for someone whose pockets runneth over that needed to make a charitable contribution for the new year which has now given these two pretentious ol’ biddies something else to chat about. Besides, Chilli was rationing coot for tracks in the past so that wuff-puzzy didn’t just change its fur when that’s about the best thing she had going.

  21. And everyone is talking about Rih’s new song. TLC is mad that Rih and Beyonce can literally stop the whole world when they drop new music while they have to raise money to make an album. 🙂

  22. What female artists (solo or group) has TC ever uplifted and complimented? These 2 chicks stay downgrading and criticizing other female artists style of music or fashion on the low and always tend to separate themselves and constantly state how “different” they are from the rest. It’s not just with Beyonce or Rihanna either, they were the same way back in the 90’s. I like TLC but I always felt like they were way too cocky, with the exception of Lisa who was always humble. Back in the day they hardly affiliated themselves with the other girl groups out like En Vogue, SWV, Xscape, Brownstone, Total, Jade, Changing Faces, Zhane, etc. I remember them throwing the same shade they do now back then when asked about the other groups especially towards SWV. I remember the little animosity between the 2 groups. Had it not been for Lisa, they probably would not have been as successful as they were. She help write songs, came up with album concepts, help design outfits and had the biggest voice in their battle with LaFace records. If Beyonce or Rihanna decided to never record another song again they would be considered icons from this point on regardless of the type of music they decided to sing or the amount of clothes they wore. Why? Because they are worldwide trendsetting superstars. Accept it and move along. They take the “biggest selling girl group in the US” title way too seriously.

  23. always loved tlc but in this pic chilli look like she thinkin “damm im an old bat. i’ll never get a man i want.” and tboz look like she thinking “damm am i a thing of the past? yeah.”

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