Demetria McKinney Defends Roger Bobb for Not Putting a Ring on It

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA newbie Demetria McKinney has been getting lots of backlash for her 8 year on and off relationship with Roger Bobb because some feel like 8 years is too long to deal with someone without being proposed to.

Despite that, Demetria still feels confident about the relationship and in a new interview with Atlanta radio station V-103, she actually defends Roger Bobb for not putting a ring on it. She says:

“Society wants to put labels on things way to often. If he’s committed, and I’m committed and we’re happy in that, until I find a place where I’m not, then I’m going to stay in that.

“If you look at it, no shade no tea, but there’s people that have been on here and got divorced; there are people that are about to go through a divorce; there are people who have got divorced and remarried; there are people with boyfriends you can not see them ever, ever ever.

“It’s somebody who’s been coming for me really hard and who’s about to be in the single mother’s club. Like I want to be there for you, but I can’t help you while you try to hit me. It’s just really, really sad we have to come for each other like that.”


  1. Women like her are confusing. They say they don’t care about labels, but when a man proposes they don’t decline now do they?

  2. The main chicks claiming they don’t need a ring will get mad when the man they played house with for a decade leaves and wifes up the next chick in less than a year. Don’t play yourself out here. Men commit when they know they got a woman who has options and standards.

  3. How many times does she have to say this? We get it. You’re a Mimi Faust without the sex tape and kid. If you like it, we love it.

  4. I don’t like Demetria and she definitely cares about the ring because she said it herself if Roger Bob proposed with a cheerio she would accept. If that don’t reek of being desperate or longing for a ring I don’t know what does.

  5. So, people who are in long term relationships that are not married automatically aren’t commited to each other? That’s ridiculous. My good friend was with her finance for 10 years and she’s currently planning her wedding. My boyfriend proposed at Christmas after 6 years together. I started dating him when I was 19 and I’m 25 now. Not everyone wants to rush into marriage. You want to make sure you are both in a position emotionally, physically, and financially to be married. My fiancé was immature and it took him a few years to get himself together, same goes for me. Our relationships have a foundation for a succesful marriage now. We know each other and are ready for a lifetime commitment.

    1. I’m not sure why you’re offended. Your situation is nothing like Demetria’s. You were with your man for 6 years, but y’all were very young when y’all got together, right? Ok. Now he’s grown and knows he wants to marry you at 25. At 25 he’s already better than Roger Bobb. As far as your friend is concerned, did she start dating her fiancé at a young age too? If so, you can’t compare her relationship to Demetria’s either. We are simply stating the obvious. A grown man does not need 10 years to figure out if he wants to marry you or not. We are not discussing two 19 year old’s here. DeMetria is way older than you both and Roger Bobb has cheated on her multiple times. There is nothing healthy about this relationship, nor does it deserve your defending.

      1. Well said. Thank you. There’s a huge difference between someone who is getting themselves together/young adults (19-25), and people in their late 30s and 40s. And I know people in their 30s getting engaged just a few years after courting. In fact, an engaged couple I know now are in their mid 30s and getting married in a few months. Guess how long they dated? Two years. Most 35 year olds don’t need 8 years to figure out if they want to marry someone or not. Especially if they want to have kids. And there have been people who knew each other for 10 years before marriage and still divorced. Just like there are people who only dated for a few months and divorced. That doesn’t have much to do with it. It all comes down to who is willing to put in the work. Marriage is hard either way.

      2. Maybe you’re right. I wouldn’t say I’m offended, I was just taking aback by the fact that they were together on and off for a few years and prople want to know why she isn’t married yet. My fiancé cheated and didn’t treat me right either but he matured. To be honest I don’t know much about Demetria’s relationship, I just took the article and the comments at face value. I can’t speak on someone in their 30s and 40s still dating. I’m not there yet. However, my fiancé’s parents were together for 17 years and got married. They divorced after 4 months, that’s a reason why he and I chose to I wait. We don’t want to end up divorced. Maybe on Roger’s end, it’s a situation where he is comfortable.

  6. Committed? So committed is him sleeping around while they have been dating? There’s plenty of women in ATL that can say they have been with her dude while she was in the picture.

  7. Well, I think Demetria is putting in far too much conversation about this relationship. It appears as though she is trying to convince herself that the relationship is more than what it really is or she is so wrapped up into this Rogerbob (I meant to spell it like that because she says it like it’s 1 word), that she has totally forgotten who she is or what she stand for. She is super talented and beautiful. If Rogerbob is managing her, then she needs to keep it on those lines and find someone who is willing to give her the same commitment of a healthy relationship (claiming her, not sleeping around and have the same goals…ie marriage) within a 2-3 years. If you are in your 30’s and I believe she is 35+ and I’m sure he is 40+ you already know what you want and usually marriage and family is somewhere in there. Eight years is far too long for anyone to give up that much time and poof you are gone at any moment and without an “I DO”. Demetria, stop playing yourself and just walk away; then maybe he will ask you to marry…or not!

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