Photo: John Legend & Wife Chrissy Teigen Get Steamy in GQ

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen usually makes headlines for being controversial on Twitter but now she’s getting some press thanks to a steamy shoot with her hubby in GQ.

The couple appears in the February issue and it’s quite sensual. Of course, Chrissy was sure to put her modeling skills to good use. Check out the shot below:

john legend chrissy gq
Photo Credit: Photo: Anders Overgaard


  1. They look like friends. No sexual chemistry whatsoever. And why does he always have that goofy look on his face?

  2. They try so hard to make her happen. And for them to keep calling her a “model,” why didn’t she start getting major magazine spreads until this marriage? And most of the time she has to shoot with John. Sounds like a struggle modeling career to me.

  3. Ya know, I never really felt John Legend was gay UNTIL I started seeing more of her personality through posts on here about her horrible attitude in social media. I don’t see John Legend being “in love” with someone like that. So, that being said… there’s nothing “steamy” about this photo except her boobs being out. He looks like he’s rubbing the belly of a puppy; which isn’t half bad since she looks like a pug anyway.

  4. When ever I see a couple trying this hard, I know the PDA is to throw folks off the scent. And can’t she ever have a shoot holding a book for god’s sake, must it always be T&A with that constipated look on her face?

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